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Wellness can get complicated, and everyone has their take. Having talked to every wellness guru under the sun about their own habits, I’ve found that there are a few simple commonalities to the best routines — and green powder is definitely one of them.

There is a version of green powder in nearly every kitchen we’ve spotlit, and it’s a staple I return to over and over again myself. Like warm lemon water and a good probiotic, a scoop of green powder is one of the least controversial wellness habits that nearly everyone can benefit from.

Overall, you could say that green powder is having a real moment right now. Thanks in part to just one trending brand (who I will not name here), more and more people are catching on to the blood-oxygenating goodness that a glass of greens can give you. Yes, a daily glass of greens can be transformative, but it can also get a little pricey. The green powder trending right now will set you back nearly $4 a day when you break it down.

An Affordable Green Powder

When I realized that the price point on this popular green powder was so high, I got curious and decided to check out the price of the green powder I take every day, Anima Mundi’s Liver Vitality. It turns out that a 4 oz. jar of Liver Vitality contains 44 servings at just fifty cents a day. The larger size — an 8 ounce bag — contains 87 servings which breaks down to less than forty cents a serving.

I am rarely surprised by affordability in our Erewhon smoothie-swigging space lately, so I was impressed to discover that my daily greens cost me so little. If an affordable green powder is one of your daily wellness staples, or if you’d like it to become one, I highly recommend putting Anima Mundi’s version on subscribe. Pay the least for a high-functioning green powder and redirect that well-being budget to other self-care habits and goals!

Here are the details on the Anima Mundi Liver Vitality powder I love, plus five other greens options like Collagen Booster and single greens like chlorella that are even more affordable in bulk…

6 Affordable Green Powder Options For All

My Favorite greens: Liver Vitality | As wellness industry antagonists are wont to say about detoxification and cleansing, ‘you already have a built in detoxification system: your liver’. The trouble is, our livers are burdened with more environmental stressors than ever before, whether you eat a clean diet or not. The greens and prebiotic herbs in this formula have traditionally been valued for their cleansing qualities.

liver vitality anima mundi

Support your liver and digestive system health with a daily dose of nutrient-dense, cleansing herbal prebiotic superfoods. The sense of well-being I get from this green powder is palpable.

Ingredients: Moringa, Spirulina, Chlorella, Nettle, Dandelion, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Burdock, Alfalfa, Chanca Piedra

Collagen Booster | Green powder for people who don’t like greens One of Anima Mundi’s best-selling products, Collagen Booster is packed with greens, herbs and adaptogens that support the body’s tissues — skin, hair and nails included. The Dirty Rose Chai flavor is so delicious — a great option for those who find that ‘green flavor’ hard to drink.

Viridem Elixir | Liquid greens If you’re not a fan of powders, try Anima Mundi’s cleansing green elixir. With iron-rich leafy greens and algae, Viridem is packed with high potency mineralizers. Viridem “encourages alkalinity, supporting deep nourishment, higher enzymatic function and helps purge the body of toxic build-up, such as heavy metals and foreign substances. The high chlorophyll content supports the liver by digesting old fat, releasing bad oils, dispelling inflammation and bringing in potent nutrient chemistry.”

You can also buy green ingredients from Anima Mundi in bulk. If you love spirulina or moringa on their own, this is a great way to stock up on affordable ingredients for those morning smoothies or tonics.

nettle | Nettle is incredibly rich in minerals and often noted as a helpful beauty tonic. One of the most commonly used herbs on the planet, you can add Nettle to virtually any recipe. Add 1 Tbsp per cup of hot water. Steep 15-20 minutes, strain, and enjoy.best green powder

spirulina | Spirulina is packed with minerals and plant-based protein. According to Anima Mundi, chlorella has been traditionally used by indigenous populations around the world and treasured by the Aztecs. Add 1/2-1 tsp to your favorite, juice, smoothie, or healthy meal. Enjoy up to 3 times a day.

chlorella | Chlorella is a genus of single cell freshwater green algae. Packed with antioxidants, chlorella contains incredible detoxification benefits with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Mix 1 tsp with 4-6 oz of water, juice, beverage, yogurt, or meal of choice.

Whatever your personal preferences, find a source of greens that suits you best and make it a daily habit. Try green powder for 30 days and see how you feel!

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