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MEET MOLLY STANTON of Sage Lane Skincare, a chic skincare studio tucked away in Santa Monica Canyon where she treats L.A. clients to one of the best microcurrent facials in all the land.

When we first stumbled onto microcurrent years ago, we were blown away by the results. Think instantly lifted eyes, cheekbones, jawline — without toxic injectables, lasers or a litany of chemical-based treatments.

With the help of two near-magical wands, facialists like Molly are using microcurrent to gently stimulate facial muscles and skin in a way that’s both healthy and majorly rejuvenation. We’ve become obsessed and have everyone who asks us turned on to them. We asked Molly to fill us in on the advanced technology behind the treatment of our dreams….

TCM: what is a microcurrent facial for those just catching up?

Molly Stanton: I usually begin by describing it as a workout for your face. The face has over 40 muscles that lay below and are connected to the skin’s surface. The low level and virtually sub-sensory microcurrent works in harmony with the body’s own electrical field to tone, lift, and re-educate these muscles.

As the tiny electrical impulses are strategically applied to each part of the face (personally I work my way from the neck up), muscles that have started to succumb to gravity (jowls, cheeks, brows) are lifted back up, and others that have become tight and tense (wherever you would put injections) are released, softening lines and wrinkles. The end result of this totally non-invasive facial is a lift that takes years off your face!

TCM: talk to us about the effects for the facial skin + muscles?

MS: The deeply penetrating current fuels the cells in our body, giving them the energy (aka, adenosine triphosphate) to increase collagen and elastin production, absorb nutrients and rid of toxins. For clients with acne or rosacea, inflammation and redness dramatically improve. Dehydrated skin transforms into a dewy glowing complexion. Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and softened, and blood flow/ circulation increases. Pores get tighter and dark circles brighter. So basically… all the things.

“What’s so amazing about a microcurrent facial is that in addition to toning and lifting the muscles in the face, the microcurrent is also improving the skin tissue, encouraging healing, repairing and regeneration.”

And, last but not least, there’s the electro-cellulite massager for the body to treat stubborn cellulite, aching muscles, lift the tush, tone the legs, all while stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. Wild, right? Results aren’t as dramatic to the naked eye as with the face, but you’ll definitely feel firmer after a session.

TCM: the machine Was first developed for medical purposes. isn’t that right?

MS: Microcurrent was first used in the medical field to treat bell’s palsy and stroke patients, rehabilitate athlete’s from injury, and in hospital burn units to heal and repair damaged skin. Of course, after seeing the range of cosmetic benefits that also come from microcurrent, the modality has become a secret weapon in the aesthetic world.

The machine I use is from the cult favorite British brand CACI (computer aided cosmetology instrument), and is their newest model on the market, the Synergy. What’s so cool about this machine (aside from the name) is that it combines microcurrent with LED technology. Depending on the client, I can treat acne or aging with the light therapy, exfoliate with a crystal free microdermabrasion, cleanse the pores of impurities with an ultrasonic actuator, and target specific pesky lines with the wrinkle comb. So a wide variety of skin complaints can be treated in unison for the ultimate anti-aging non-invasive facial.

TCM: can The Microcurrent facial also have an effect beyond esthetics?

MS: I’ve seen clients benefit from microcurrent in SO many ways besides the cosmetic. Clients will come in with a migraine and by the time we are done, it’s gone. Some with bad allergies say it totally clears their sinuses. The deep waves of current wash over stressed clients (which is basically everyone), sending them into the most relaxed dream like state. I’ve even been told repeatedly by my client with major insomnia that she sleeps like a baby the night of our sessions. An hour of microcurrent is so nourishing and regenerative that it feels like you’re giving your body a gift.

TCM: What should people expect from a treatment?

MS: I always see improvements after the first microcurrent facial session with new clients, they leave looking brighter, tighter and lifted.

“Cheekbones look more defined, jawlines get tighter, eyes more open, and the overall texture of the skin looks smoother and more radiant.”

Post treatment, clients tell me: It looks like I just drank a gallon of water or I can see my chin again or just I look wayyyy better as soon as they look in the mirror. Some feel the results are even better the following day. And the ultimate feedback is after I do a bum lift on a client and she tells me her husband couldn’t keep his hands off of it!

TCM: What is the ideal schedule for this treatment?

MS: The real payoff comes after a series of 6 to 8 treatments because gradually the muscles become stronger and stronger and the lift then lasts much longer. After a series of microcurrents, you can just come once a month to maintain, or, for the obsessed, as often as once a week (my mom and sister have standing appointments). Just like going to the gym, consistency is key.

TCM: Any at-home practices or products you recommend for maintenance?

MS: Well, first and foremost, drink water! It really makes such a huge difference when you are hydrated—especially after microcurrent—because the cells are then able to soak it all in. Fine lines in the face are plumped out and toxins washed away. And because the cells will also be much more receptive to absorbing nutrients after microcurrent, it’s ideal to feed them with clean, quality ingredients. I use a German product line called Julisis which combines the finest grade hand-harvested medicinal plants with liquid gold, silver and gem stones for detoxing and firming. Plus, they smell so good, it’s like aromatherapy putting them on.

TCM: any other fave beauty modalities + products lately?

ms: I’m obsessed with the Biomat and have one in the studio and also in my home. You lay on the bed of warm amethyst stones and melt into infrared bliss. And my other favorite new toy is the Celluma LED panel which can be used to treat breakouts, aging or pain. Even just a half hour under the Celluma gives you that post-facial glow. It’s like being in a little spaceship, destination youth!

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