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LA has become a foodie’s paradise over the last decade and there’s nothing better some nights than ordering in from one of thousands of incredible restaurants. Our lazy day delivery dreams are occasionally fulfilled by oozy pizza and paper boxes of salty noodles, but most of the time we stick to restaurants like the ones below that know how to deliver incredible food that’s actually healthy. Or at least healthyish.

In response to plenty of desperate cries for help from friends who want to eat clean, but still use Postmates from time to time, we’ve gathered together this list of amazing restaurants that can be found on the delivery apps, Postmates, DoorDash, Uber Eats or Caviar.  Since East and West LA are essentially two different worlds, we’ve divided options into Eastside, Westside and both. Whether you’re looking for organic tacos, poke bowls or a burger that won’t destroy your gut, we’ve got you covered. Dive in and feed your cozy night-in, crazy day at the office, or any other time you just can’t deal with cooking…

The Best Healthy Delivery In West LA

Kye’s | Kye’s is our go-to spot for macrobiotic wraps, bowls and black bean brownies. Their wraps come expertly enveloped in either nori sheets or collard wraps and, while learning to eat one the right way is a skill, once mastered, the Kyrito is some of the best modern health food out there. Check out one of our fave orders here.

Cassia rice & noodle Kitchen | This Santa Monica hotspot blends the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia with California sensibility. We love the takeout menu which features plant-y options like broccoli rice and epic mushroom lettuce cups.

Fresh Corn Grill | When you want a plate of veggies and clean protein, Fresh Corn Grill will never disappoint. Their easily customizable plates and bowls can be loaded up with grilled veggies, and probably feed you for two full meals if you play your cards right.

milo SRO pizzaMilo SRO | The new by-the-slice pizza spot by the team behind Milo & Olive supports local farms with sustainable practices and takes pride in sourcing the best quality ingredients. They use 100% organic flours and veggies, non-GMO mozzarella, sustainably-sourced meats, fermented pizza dough.

Cafe Gratitude | Cafe Gratitude is LA’s classic sot for cozy, clean vegan food. Their ingredients are locally sourced and their dishes are designed to delight.

Flower Child | This fast-casual cafe features a wide array of vegan, vegetarian and Paleo-friendly options.
burger loungeBurger Lounge | Burger Lounge is a fast-casual restaurant chain that specializes in hamburgers made from American grass-fed beef, salads, fries and onion rings. They also offer grilled chicken and fresh fish. All of their burgers are available in a Paleo option, which comes with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun.

The Best Healthy Delivery In East LA

by chloe | Vegan fast-casual restaurant chain, By CHLOE, has nailed the art of vegan cuisine. This bi-coastal wonder offers everything from oozing vegan burgers to indulgent dairy-free pastries.
silverlake ramensilverlake ramen | It’s hard to boost the health factor on a good bowl of ramen, but Silverlake Ramen offers a few well-balanced options. We love their miso-based veggie ramen which comes loaded with greens, avocado and tofu.

ostrich farm | The intimate 50-seat restaurant in Echo Park, is a great place to have a cozy dinner — and an even better place to order delivery from. The restaurant’s seasonal American fare is often locally sourced, including some produce from the restaurant’s own garden.

m cafe | This macrobiotic cafe is the perfect place to pick up a balanced salad or plant-based sandwich.

The Best Healthy Delivery On Both Sides Of Town

sweetgreensweetgreen | When we want a salad the size of our head but don’t want to do any chopping or clean-up, there’s no better place to order from than sweetgreen.

sage bistro | Sage Plant-Based Bistro is our go-to spot for vegan comfort food. We love everything from their buffalo cauliflower wings to their Bahn Mi tofu tacos.

pressed juicery | Get your green juice fix fast, or stock up on immunity shots when you’re feeling under the weather. Available on Postmates, DoorDash and Uber Eats.

tocaya Healthy DeliveryTocaya | This modern Mexican restaurant chain features some of the best tacos, salads, burritos and bowls in town. Everything on the menu starts out as a vegan, and then can be customized with organic meats, veggies, cheeses and salsas. We live for their “guiltless gluten-free burrito” which is made with cauliflower rice, black beans, peppers, cabbage, vegan crema, and a gluten-free coconut and cassava tortilla.

pizzana | If you’re going for pizza, go for Pizzana, a Brentwood staple by the founder of Sprinkles whose new WeHo location makes is accessible on either side of the city. Their pizza is some of the best we’ve ever had, featuring a slow-fermented dough that’s easy on the gut, clean ingredients, and plenty of plant-based sides.

tendergreens | This chef-led chain serves up seasonal and responsibly-sourced food with a mission to improve the way people eat every day.

sweetfin pokesweetfin | When we’re craving sushi but looking for something a little cleaner, there’s nothing better than a custom poke bowl. Pick a base (we usually blend kelp noodles, forbidden rice, and kale salad) then load up with fresh fish and veggie toppings.

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