snoo Gifts For Moms Who never Sleep

If you are reading this in a 3AM haze while breastfeeding that babe, forward these gift ideas to Santa right away! We’ve gathered genius baby technologies that will simplify your life, plus luxe and cozy pieces that will make you feel like yourself again while sleep-walking through this precious, but exhausted phase of life…

10 Perfect Gifts for Moms Who Never Sleep

Snoo Smart Sleeper | Lets start with the Ferrari of baby basinets. Mom’s everywhere covet this chic and high tech sleeper that safely puts baby to sleep and keeps them at rest! With a built-in swaddling feature and optional soothing motion features, this pediatrician-designed baby bed is the gift for moms who need more sleep.

The Snoo is now also available for rent! Renting your Snoo will save you money and give you one less piece of baby equipment to store down the road!

pajamas for mom gifts
Eberjay Washable Silk PJ Set | Tired mom mode? Two words for you: washable silk. Cruise around the house in these beautiful sets from Eberjay. Whether the mama in your life wears them to bed after setting up their Snoo, or just rocks them around the house all day, she’ll be cute and comfy as she goes.

top gifts for a new mom
Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced | Parents and caretakers can literally make a formula bottle from their phone and get an alert when it’s ready, making middle-of-the-night and sleepy morning feedings SO much easier. Use your formula of choice with the Baby Brezza which also features temp control.

Willow Breast Pump | Pumping breast milk is a reality for all moms, but especially those who work outside the home. The wearable Willow breast pump is another high-tech innovation that will, hand’s down, change her life. These units tuck right into a bra hand’s free!

best gifts for a new mom
Go the F**k to Sleep book by Adam Mansbach | A great book for any parent and a levity-inducing gift for the sleep-deprived. Pair it with the slippers for the ultimate gift set.

JENNI KAYNE Shearling Slippers | These soft shearling slippers have sold out multiple times. Cozy details like these are a treasure at 2AM and whomever you gift them to will think. of you each time they slip them on.

Celine Oversized Sunglasses | Tired eyes can’t be helped. Gift these designer classics and let them rock a pair of oversized sunglasses all over town (or just to the kitchen).

cool dad backpack

7AM Cool Dad Backpack | Hey baby daddies, give yourself this “I’m a cool dad” diaper bag and fill it with a few homemade diaper change IOU’s! We honestly can’t think of a better gift.

best gifts for mom

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor | A great baby monitor can provide a better night’s sleep. The Miku tracks baby’s breathing, sleep patterns and nursery conditions so you don’t have to. With a quick glance you can ensure children’s welfare without ever rolling out of bed!

The Care+ app that comes with the monitor proactively notifies only if there is major change.

Rasa Ritual Sample Pack | Our readers love Rasa! These delicious coffee alternatives are designed to provide energy without the jitters that some mamas can’t tolerate. Their sampler set makes an awesome gift. Read our interview with Rasa’s founder here: This Coffee Alternative Was Born Out Of The Exhaustion Of Early Motherhood.

Sleeper Loungewear Dress | Finally, gift chic loungewear she can do everything in! Bonus points for this dress’s buttons and an off-shoulder look that make this look breast feeding-friendly!

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