Fitness is a lifestyle… but “gym style” has its time and place. When we’re in meetings or hitting up a fave new dinner spot we’re not looking to rock the same look we did at kickboxing or barre — shouldn’t our fitness tracker follow suit?

We appreciate wearable tech for all the obvious reasons — goal setting, movement tracking, sleep data etc. — but the ones that really catch our attention are those that blend right in with our everyday accessories. They’re subtle, they’re adaptable, they’re pretty and there’s one at every price point…

Low: Fitbit Flex
This one looks the most “tracker-y” of the bunch, but we love it all the same. It’s skinny design means no gimmicks, just business, and doesn’t clash with our style any more than a hairband on our wrist. The FitBit tracks movement and sleep, is waterproof, has a long battery life and syncs easily with our phones for easy access to our stats. It also has a million interchangeable accessories, including a rose gold bangle we’d actually want to wear. Yes these pieces make the whole situation cost a bit more, but they’re cute and legitimately wearable — what more could we want?

This cute little gadget amps up the usual features of fitness tracking with a unique mind-body element. In addition to monitoring physical activity and sleep, it learns to predict stress based on our lifestyle habits, and alerts us about oncoming stress. It also offers guided breathwork and meditation when we need it (which it might know before we do). It’s also amazingly versatile — and not ugly. We can wear it as a necklace, bracelet or pin, or change the color of the metal clip entirely.

Oh, you fancy huh? Then this is the best fitness tracker for you. Ringly has managed to create the most covert wearable tech we’ve come across. Their bracelets and rings record steps, distance, calories and helps us set and track movement goals. It’s water resistant and syncs with over 100 health and wellness apps. Functional? Very. But what sets it apart is that it’s actually cute. Like, really cute.

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