LMNT mocktail

Staying healthy and happy through the thirty-one day challenge that is Dry January has everything to do with keeping a good mocktail on hand.

With all of the sexy no-ABV brands popping up lately, our favorite mocktail of all time might surprise you…

The LMNT Mocktail

Maybe you more quickly associate an electrolyte drink mix with workout recovery or an actual hangover, but LMNT is actually one of the best mocktails around – and takes zero effort to make.

+ One packet of sour, salty and spicy LMNT Lemon Habenaro or Mango Chili serves up ‘spicy margarita’ like nobody’s business.

+ Keeping LMNT Watermelon, Raspberry and Orange flavors on hand ensures that you have a variety of delicious drink flavors to enjoy and to keep you from getting bored.

+ You can garnish a glass of water with LMNT in it if you like – throw it over ice in a beautiful glass, add a fresh orange rind, frozen raspberries or fresh mint, but you can also simply pour the stickpack in and be on your way.

Double Down On Hydration For Dry January

Interrupting any comfortable routine, like an evening glass of wine, can make the best of us cranky. Nourishing with electrolytes like potassium and magnesium helps to keep us calm, while LMNT’s deliciously salty flavors give us something enjoyable to sip on (and hydration like no other).

If you’re going to go to the great effort of a Dry January, make it your aim to deeply hydrate while you’re at it. Staying hydrated provides us with energy, glowing skin, and supports our overall sense of well-being. Flush your system with plenty of water and deeply hydrate with a meaningful dose of electrolytes in a science-backed ratio. Good hydration requires electrolyte balance—and that means consuming plenty of salt.new years mocktail

We’ve been learning about electrolytes with biochemist, NYT best-selling author, and co-founder of LMNT, Robb Wolf. According to Robb, we should be paying as much attention to our electrolytes as we do our food.

There’s a lot of compelling science to share on this, but what convinced us in short time was trying LMNT for ourselves.

We’ve been partnering with the salty brand for years now, because we literally can’t stop talking about it to friends and family. It also comes up over dinners out with friends, because outside of Dry January, it’s the ultimate hangover support. A glass of water with LMNT is our go-to rejuvenator the morning after a big dinner out or a day spent in the sun.

LMNT doesn’t contain any sugar, just a salty blend of minerals that leave us feeling hydrated beyond anything we’ve ever tried. Get 8 free packets free with any LMNT order and tell us what you think below!
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