We all realize that little critters like mosquitos and ants are a vital part of our ecosystem. Great for the garden – not so great for the garden party. If you’re trying to avoid both insects and toxins, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Adina Grigore, natural beauty expert extraordinaire and owner of Brooklyn’s S.W. Basics, is sharing the simplest bug spray recipe ever and it’s all too easy to make at home.  This little recipe is the first in a series of all-natural beauty DIY’s we’ll be featuring throughout the year! Here’s Adina…

Every summer begins with so much excitement, until that inevitable moment when we realize that the bugs in the neighborhood are enjoying summertime just as much as we are. Luckily, most bugs are extremely averse to essential oils – something most of the rest of us love! Try this hardcore homemade spray to delight you and your backyard guests and repel any bugs in the vicinity. Skip the toxic sprays at the store and whip up a batch of this…

Homemade Rosemary Bug Spray


3/4 cup witch hazel
10 drops rosemary oil
10 drops citronella oil
10 drops clove oil
10 drops eucalyptus oil


Mix all five ingredients together and shake!
Store the solution in a spritzer bottle, chilled if you prefer, and bring out for garden guests or evening meals in the yard. 

Make sure to tightly shut your eyes and mouth before drenching your skin with this great-smelling, mosquito-repelling solution!

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