Chances are good that SPF is not the first, second or even tenth thing on your mind this October. Though we’ve fully transitioned from beach to turtleneck, sun damage is a year round threat. Between time in the car, al fresco friend dates, and even our daily screen time (could be giving you sun damage too), most of us get more UV exposure than we think. It’s key to find a daily SPF product you love and to keep wearing it, even after summer has passed.

There’s definitely a divide in the wellness community when it comes to the debate about daily SPF. Some pros believe it’s absolutely essential for strong, healthy skin while others argue that it’s more important to have some direct contact with the sun’s rays. While we’re all about the benefits of medicinal sunbathing, the reality is we live in a world with harsh conditions and we need to protect our skin when and where we can. Our skin is our largest organ and when it’s not being tended to, it lets us know in the form of dark spots, wrinkles, dry patches and a generally dull or maybe overly fiery complexion. If you use certain skincare ingredients like glycolic acid, SPF is even more important.

The options available for clean SPF have evolved over the years. Let’s be honest, none of us are going to stick to a daily SPF routine if what we’re using is sticky, smelly or leaves a weird milky cast. We’ve sourced the best of the best — these are the sunscreens we’re actually using every day. Some work well in place of foundation or primer, some double as a serum, and all are worthwhile everyday options…

daily spf vive sanaVive Sana SPF 20 Serum Crema | If a hydrating day cream and a potent skin serum had a baby, and that baby was really good at protecting your skin from sun damage, it would be this luscious sunscreen. It’s loaded with hydrating oils to soften the skin as well as antioxidant-rich ingredients that nourish deeply. The light-to-touch cream sinks in instantly and leaves the skin feeling smooth, glowing and protected. CHECK OUT

daily spf SUPERGOOP MINERAL MATTE SUNSCREENSuperGoop Mineral Matte Sunscreen | This matte mineral sunscreen from Supergoop is one of the best we’ve found for daily use. Its creamy, mineral-based formula glides on like liquid velvet. It’s also ever so slightly tinted in a way that won’t add color to your face, but evens out tone and neutralizes excess shine. It’s great under makeup. It’s also small enough to keep in a bathroom drawer, a car glove compartment, in your desk or your purse. It contains argan oil, which is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E to moisturize without feeling greasy, white mulberry root to brighten and even skin tone, and butterfly bush extract which helps protect against blue light that’s emitted from our screens. CHECK OUT

daily spf SUPERGOOP GLOW STICK SUNSCREENSupergoop Glow Stick Sunscreen | Supergoop makes some of the most functional options for daily SPF. Their ingredients are clean, their packaging is cute, and there’s a wide variety of products to choose from. One of our favorites is their new dry oil SPF stick. It hydrates and creates a healthy glow that can be used in place of highlighter. We love to keep this little guy in our bag and reapply all day. It works well all over the face, collarbones and chest. CHECK OUT

daily spf ILIA TINTED LIP CONDITIONERIlia Tinted Lip Conditioner | That pretty pout of yours needs protection too. We’re obsessed with ILIA’s tinted lip conditioners as a perfect in-between for balm and bold color. The shades go on sheer but are super layer-able. This version has SPF 15 to keep your lips from getting dried out or inflamed from sun exposure.  CHECK OUT

daily spf SUNTEGRITY 5-IN-1 SUNSCREENSuntegrity 5-in-1 Sunscreen | Sunscreen doesn’t have to add another step to your routine. This one from Suntegrity is tinted to perfection and can easily be used in place of foundation. The chemical-free BB cream covers, protects and nourishes the skin. It contains power-player ingredients like hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, red algae, aloe vera, pomegranate, cucumber, and green tea. It’s no wonder it has been rated #1 by the EWG/Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. CHECK OUT

daily spf ILIA TRANSLUCENT POWDERIlia Translucent Powder | This translucent and light-as-air SPF finishing powder is full of vitamins and minerals to keep skin looking soft and natural, and botanical extracts to reduce inflammation. It’s an effortless addition to the end of your morning skincare or daily makeup routine. It goes on easily, and can also be used to tone down shininess in addition to protecting skin. CHECK OUT

daily spf MAKE P:REM CAPSULE SUN GELMake P:rem Capsule Sun Gel | This totally clear sunscreen comes from our fave place to shop from clean Korean beauty, Glow Recipe. It has the texture of a gel serum and sinks into skin almost immediately. It’s perfect to wear under makeup or as the very last step in your routine without overpowering the layers below. The scent is light and refreshing, not mineral like or overly artificial. Best of all, it is intensely hydrating and plumping, which makes it a major contender against dry, lackluster fall and winter skin.  CHECK OUT

daily spf KATESS PHYSICAL SUNSCREENKatess Physical Sunscreen | If you’re on a Japanese beauty kick, then you definitely need this sunscreen in your daily skincare lineup. This lightweight daily SPF is water-based and highly nourishing. It’s formulated with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to protect skin from both UVA and UVB. Antioxident-rich green tea calms inflammation and redness while hyaluronic acid hydrates on a deep level. CHECK OUT

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