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A lot of good can come from change, and the new year is bound to be full of it. We love crystals both as a symbolic relic and energetic catalyst to channeling the vibes we want to radiate. The pro crystal healers at Energy Muse are walking us through their picks for the best crystals to bring into 2017. Jump in and explore a few fascinating points about numerology, new beginnings and great, grounded energy…

If 2016 seemed like an intense year of endings, it’s no surprise. Numerology tells us that 2016 added up equals 9, the number of completion. You may have seen relationships that weren’t working come to an end, or unsatisfying jobs give way to new careers. Lives came to a close and increasingly tumultuous situations burst. No matter how it manifested in each individual person’s life, one thing is for sure: This year shook people up.

With so many of us now looking forward to the coming year, what can numerology tell us about 2017? As a year, it adds up to 10, seen symbolically as a 1; this year means “beginning.” Thought to be the start of a three-year energetic cycle of ascension, 2017 will bring many new changes. How we approach this year is going to be key to how we adjust to the unfamiliar.

Right now, a lot of things are up in the air and spinning in new directions. This tornado effect has people wanting to take a “wake me up when we get there” attitude to their life and the world. How are we supposed to find the energy to put work into cultivating positive, new beginnings? To this I say, embrace neutrality. Last year we saw a rise in duality. This was the end preparing to collide with the new. Level-headed, accepting perspectives were lost to black-and-white, right-and-wrong points of view. We forgot how to unite differences within ourselves using compassion. Changing this by opting to stay neutral doesn’t have to mean staying silent. It just means that you are able to remain centered on a spectrum of extremes.

When it feels like our life is caught up in a tornado and everything is spinning out of our control, we can’t allow our emotions to get caught up in the spin. If these are the only things we can control, then let’s keep them centered in the eye of the storm. By blaming and judging less, we can come together to establish a neutrality, not just within ourselves but in the climate we foster as a people. Last year’s duality spawned a climate of chaos. This year, we can breathe new life into ourselves, our perspectives and even our environment by using select crystals to inspire strength and grounding.

The New Year is symbolic. Even though we always have the key to unlock changes and activate beginnings within ourselves, life’s cyclical nature rejuvenates our spirit by blessing us with the gift of rebirth in times like spring and the New Year. Use this gift to reboot. It’s not about being perfect. It’s just about being able to regain your center when you fall or waiver. If last year didn’t go the way you wanted, don’t be discouraged. Get back on track.

5 Crystals Everyone Needs for 2017


This crystal is totally aligned with the energy of 2017. It is a stone of new beginnings and rebirth. Bringing in the new doesn’t have to mean starting with new things and new people. Chrysocolla can help infuse you with a new perspective or a new energy to take to situations.

Ocean Jasper

The smooth tranquility of this crystal is all about nurturing oneself. Tell yourself it’s worth it for you to make time to meditate, to observe and ask what you can do to have a positive impact. Re-ignite the fluidity of life that accepts the tides, instead of fighting against them. Oceans have rough waters and they have calm waters, but their presence is constant. This is how we should act in our neutrality. Even when there is chaos, there is calm. Be patient like the ocean as you wait for the rough waters to settle.

Blue Lace Agate

This crystal inspires you to communicate. It activates the throat chakra, and enables you to speak from a place of authenticity. It fosters a positive dialogue by imbuing you with subtle vibrations conducive to common sense and unemotional honesty. Approaching a conversation from this space will make you more likely to be heard.


Let’s stay grounded. When things are spinning out, let hematite be your touch stones. Use them to take a moment, stop the spinning and reboot the mind, body and spirit. A break to regain some perspective will re-establish your center of balance in dizzying times.

Tree Agate

Trees give us breadth. In a time when we feel so energetically depleted, we need to adopt the energy of the tree. This allows us to breathe fresh life into all that is drained within us. When we feel replenished, we can return the gift by planting seeds for growth within our environment. It’s important to not just take from the earth. We need to give back. For the earth, and for ourselves. After all, the more we exhaust our natural resources, the more we exhaust ourselves. Ask yourself how you can plant seeds of improvement in nature.

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