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    reverie hair products

    Stylist Garrett Markenson took a break from his daily to-do list (think: on-set styling for Harper’s Bazaar or chopping the locks of Sophia Bush) to share his best tips and tricks for promoting healthy hair with products that are actually clean. 

    Markenson knows better than most: his hand-crafted line of botanical haircare, Reverie reached cult status when he first launched his unisex scalp treatment, CAKE. We recently received a preview bottle of the brand’s new hair fragrance, OATH and were instantly obsessed.

    Everything in Garrett’s own line is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and ethically harvested. Ingredients are Fair Trade, EcoCert and packed in 100% recyclable bottles made in a zero-waste warehouse. If that doesn’t impress you, we’re not sure what will. Here’s what Garrett recommends for the best (and most sustainable) hair of your life… 

    When it comes to clean hair care, the journey begins with committing to scalp restoration. Learning about how to care for the skin beneath our hair is key to nourish and help preserve future healthy hair growth. Here are a few of my tips and clean hair products for hair care rituals:

    clean hair product reverie cake restorative scalp tonic

    Scalp treatment: reverie restorative scalp tonic
    Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Our tonic is perfect for all hair types and safe for daily use. CAKE reduces scalp oil making it a great style extender and helpful for those with bangs or seeking more volume with soft hair. SHOP NOW 

    dry shampoo: innersense refresh
    This is an innovative take on the application of dry shampoo, and most helpful for those who feel the need to wash more frequently. Apply at hairline and roots, rub in with a clean towel and brush though. SHOP NOW

     clean hair product Goop Gtox Himalayan salt scrub shampoo

    Scalp scrub: goop gtox himalayan salt scrub shampoo
    Make it a Sunday ritual of self-care for your hair by shedding the stress and build-up from the week. SHOP NOW

    clean hair product la tierra sagrada repair masque

    mask: la tierra sagrada repair masque
    For best results, apply in the bath and leave on for 20 minutes (with a glass of wine!) while you wait. SHOP NOW

    oiL: camellia seed oil
    Traditionally prized by the sumo for coating and protecting hair, camellia oil is appreciated for the care it provides to dry and dull hair. Coat over the whole length prior to shampooing. Do an oil treatment one time per week before you wash. (This is especially great before an infrared sauna session, beach day or hot yoga class.) SHOP NOW

    clean hair product Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-in Treatment

    leave-in treatment: reverie milk anti-frizz leave-in treatment
    Our essential MILK is perfect for all hair types and can be reapplied daily as needed to wet or dry hair. (Also helpful for static and to refresh the scent of hair.) SHOP NOW


    clean hair product Reverie Mare Mediterranean Sea Mist texturixer

    TEXTURIZER / volume spray: REVERIE MARE MEDITERRANEAN SEA MIST  Great for wet or dry hair, volume and finishing. Enjoy the head space of beach hair year round. To apply, mist over entire head evenly. SHOP NOW

    curl cream: reverie rake styling balm
    Apply to wet hair, squeeze in RAKE and air dry. Avoid touching your hair until fully dry. Once dry, carefully squeeze and crunch hair to soften up the “wet look.” SHOP NOW

    aquis hair towel

    Aquis hair towel | Did you know water can actually cause damage to your hair? Dry your hair fast for convenience and healthier locks all around. SHOP NOW


    KOH-I-NOOR detangling brush.

    Perfect for all hair types, and handcrafted in Italy. This chic affordable brush will be with you for years to come. Take care of your brush by removing hair caught in the brush after each use, and rinse weekly under hot water to remove any build up. SHOP NOW

    nutrafol women
    Nurtoflor vitamins been a great source of support for healthy hair. Consult with a nutritionist before adding to your routine. SHOP now


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