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Who of us has not been there: we’re wrapping up a long meeting or lunch across town and, checking in on our phones, we realize it’s time to send a good batch of time-sensitive emails out immediately. What happens next? If we’ve dragged along a laptop, we’ve got to find a spot to set up shop and get to work. If we’re out with just our phones, the back-hunching, rapid-fire pecking begins — leading to near insanity with all the touchscreen edits or voice dictation antics.

Last week, I shared a cozy glimpse inside my work day on Instagram Stories. It happened to include a quick fireside work session following a round of meetings and interviews with wellness brands we adore. Of all the brand previews and pretty latte shots shared that day, what detail of the day caught the most attention? The wireless keyboard I was toting along in my day bag to get work done on my phone without a laptop.

While bopping around L.A. for events and meeting up with our friends in the space is a fun part of our work, it also leads to the dreaded hour or two of post-event email catch-up while away from the office. Packing along a laptop, whether to cross town or even to head out on a weekend away, is not always a practical possibility.For those remote work sessions, the bluetooth keyboard has become my absolute salvation. Judging from the amount of DM’s I received with desperate questions from many of you about how to pull it off, we thought we’d share the simple details.

Have you ever nearly lost your mind crafting a complex email on your phone in your car? Ever driven your travel buddies to insanity with your longer-than-expected email interruptions (you can only peck so fast on your smart phone!)? Packing along a bluetooth-compatible keyboard for the day means that, after simply syncing with your phone, you can type at full capacity to your heart’s content. You can email in-depth responses to your team or write up almost anything you may need to. For me, it’s become the ultimate healthy work-life compromise for days away from my desk when I know my email box will still need serious attention. Here’s how to try it…

The 3 Best Bluetooth Keyboards For Work-Life Balance

wireless keyboard appleApple Magic Keyboard | The most basic way to pull off this work hack is topack along the wireless keyboard you may already have at home! Don’t have? Pick up a bluetooth keyboard at just about any tech shop off- or online, sync it with your phone as you would a speaker or bluetooth headphones, and get to typing! CHECK OUT
folding wireless keyboardFoldable Bluetooth Keyboard | If you’d like to take this hack to the next level, get this folding keyboard intended for easy travel. Don’t want to bring your laptop on that long flight? Pack this tiny tech accessory and write from take-off to touch down at your destination without lugging out your larger tech toys. CHECK OUT
folding keyboard
Folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand | Another travel-ready option, this sleek keyboard with stand is easy to pop out at a coffee shop from a seriously productive writing or work session with very little room required!  CHECK OUT
Want to take this hack to the next level? Try this laser projected keyboard for the most compact – if a bit nerdy – application of this work-life tip!
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