Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Chrissy Teigen is our spirit animal, and when she’s excited about something we can’t help but feel a little thrill too — especially when it’s a trend we’ve already got our eyes on. The famed model, mama and cookbook author recently teamed up with Quay Australia for a collection of glasses that, aside from looking cute, also come with the option of blue-light blocking lenses.

In the wellness world, blue light blocking glasses are infamously tragic looking. Most pros who share educational selfies in their blue light blockers do it with an apology. All of that seems to be changing with a new generation of blue light blocking glasses that you’ll actually want to wear daily.

Here’s what eyewear brand, Bookclub, has to say about the issue of blue light: “Blue wavelengths occur naturally in the light spectrum and are beneficial during the day, boosting attention, reaction times and mood. Blue light contains more energy than warmer colours such as reds and oranges. Digital screens emit artificial blue light, all day every day”.

“Blue light itself is not bad. However the prolific use of screens in our day to day lives (53% of Americans report using two digital devices simultaneously, The Vision Council), along with energy efficient lighting (LED and florescent light emit higher amounts of blue light than incandescent globes) is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, particularly at night. Blue light (over other light colours) causes the most upset to our circadian rhythms by supressing melatonin and impacting restful sleep patterns.”

Wellness pros have been urging more of us to use blue light blocking glasses for years, but until now the fashion risk was just too big for some of us  if you’re interested in experiencing the benefits or have trouble sleeping, the following brands have blue blockers we love that won’t damage your style IQ at work or at home on the couch.

Learn more about the potential issues with blue light exposure here then protect your eyes in a fashion-forward way with these blue light blocking glasses…

Quay Blue Light Blockers | This pretty pair of nearly-neutral frames is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to wear glasses all the time. They make a subtle fashion savvy statement, while using lenses formulated to protect your eyes agains the effects of blue light exposure including blurry vision, eye strain, headaches and other unwanted long-term effects.  CHECK OUT

Bookclub Blue Light Blockers | This brand’s eco-friendly frames and lenses use recycled materials and offers multiple lens options, including blue light blocking +0 lenses. These cut down blue light absorption by 30% limiting the over exposure to blue light emitted from screens and indoor lighting around the clock. CHECK OUT

Warby Parker Blue Light Blockers | Not totally sold on the idea of glasses? Try out a few frames and send them right back if you’re not into it – Warby Parker makes it easy for even the most indecisive. Explore a variety of styles and opt-in for the blue light blocking lenses. CHECK OUT

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