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There was a time when every mom had a tiny trampoline to match their legwarmers and aerobics videos. We rolled our eyes all the way ’til about 2010 when the idea of jumping on a tiny trampoline to get fit suddenly seemed relevant again. (Nice work, Body By Simone!) Believe it or not, once you’re able to separate the idea of a trampoline – or rebounder – from bad ’80s fitnesswear, there’s a lot to be gained from incorporating a few bounces into your daily health regimen.

A few of our favorite hard-core wellness folks are big proponents of using a rebounder to get lymph flowing and to stimulate the mitochondria (the what?). Mitochondria are a subject for another post, but trust us when we say you should care about these little cell parts (think anti-aging and the optimization of your body’s resources at a cellular level). Certified Lymphologist Dave Scrivens explains that while rebounding, we experience a moment of G-force which strengthens every cell in our bodies, brings a major increase to lymph flow, and boosts some immune activities by up to 500%.

We’re all about rebounding for 2015. Not only is it great for a quick workout and to get the blood flow going between bouts on Instagram and Pinterest, but it makes us feel equal parts smug (for being so in the know about wellness and mitochondria) and toddler-like (for all that straight-faced bouncing.) These emotions cancel each other out for a pretty chill workout.

Read about the benefits of rebounding below. These tips come from one of our all-time favorite healthy bloggers, the Wellness Mama.  Follow her site for the ultimate in hard-core health advice, from making your own ghee to why you need to dry brush – definitely a weekly read for anyone interested in a more holistic way of life!

The Health Benefits of Rebounding

Boost immunity:

Boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function.

Strengthen bones:

Great for skeletal system and increasing bone mass.

Increase endurance:

Increases endurance on a cellular level by stimulating mitochondrial production (these are responsible for cell energy).

Improve workouts:

Helps improve the effects of other exercise – one study found that those who rebounded for 30 seconds between weight lifting sets saw 25% more improvement after 12 weeks than those who did not.

Boost oxygenation:

Rebounding helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy.

Tone muscles:

Rebounding is a whole-body exercise that improves muscle tone throughout the body.

Support adrenals:

Some sources claim that the unique motion of rebounding can also help support the thyroid and adrenals.

Want to get jumping? Get the Wellness Mama’s comprehensive list of rebounding benefits here! 

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