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Honestly, until this week, I thought that fiber powder was for “senior” microbiomes only. What I have learned after trying Bellway is that my balanced diet was out of whack on just one level: fiber.

Having just recovered from Covid, irregular digestion was in my wake and on my mind. Something I was looking to correct as fast as possible, so I could focus on the brighter days of spring and summer ahead.

By the branded heavens that be, I was sent Bellway’s new Pineapple Passionfruit flavor of Super Fiber + Fruit to experience the ways that fiber could help. I was perplexed by what would make this fiber powder more special than the flaxseed meal in my fridge, but nothing had helped me thus far, so I went in with an open heart and a closed digestive system.

The Basics On Fiber Powders

Bellway claims the following benefits for their product, so I made it my focus to watch for these very things:

+ Improved gut health
+ Better ~movements~
+ Less bloating
+ Clearer skin + healthier hair

Let’s expand on this. (Get it? A fiber joke.) It’s not easy to make fiber seem fun, but somehow Bellway manages to make it just that.

Most fiber powders feel medicinal and almost embarrassing to have on hand, like something we’d find on our grandmother’s bathroom shelf. Bellway’s Super Fiber + Fruit powder comes in a lovely package that doesn’t make me cringe and the flavor is clean, easy to drink, and absolutely delicious. That surprised me.

bellway fiber for bloating

So what’s their smooth-moving secret? They’re not afraid to tell you! Psyllium husk. husk, which has actually been around forever, is an overlooked superfood that can impact, not only digestion, but balanced blood sugar and heart health. Did you know that? I had no clue!

Turns out fiber is a very important factor in regulating blood sugar, which can manage your energy throughout the day.

What makes psyllium husk so powerful is that it’s made of soluble fiber, which — in layman’s terms — means that once you consume it, it draws in water to form a gel-like substance that moves through your digestive system to slow glucose absorption, bind with excess cholesterol and toxins, and improve bowel function. In the process of moving through your gut, soluble fiber also feeds the good bacteria that helps to bolster your immune system, reduce inflammation, and even reduce your appetite. Translation? My craving for a mid-afternoon chocolate snack is now non-existent.

My Experience

As mentioned, I came into this experiment as not my best self. My digestion had been messed up for two weeks post-Covid, and I was in desperate need of some re-regulation. My energy was down and anything I ate made me bloated and gaseous. In short: I needed a cleanse from the inside out and I didn’t want to have to go to any extremes to experience one.

Every morning, before getting my day going, I’d have one scoop of Pineapple Passionfruit Super Fiber + Fruit powder mixed with water, and would immediately chug it down.

While the thought of chugging fiber certainly didn’t amuse my senses, the actual act of doing so was quite the opposite! The flavor was delicious, but not overpowering, and it felt super light. Nothing like drinking clay (which was my fear!) whatsoever.

My Results

Without being too…specific, I’ll tell you that my regularity was prompted rather quickly and easily. Hallelujah! I was even texting my friends about my “movements,” which may have taken me to a new level of “this is what it means to be in your thirties.”

Within days, my bloating had basically disappeared, making me feel like I had that “I just woke up” flat tummy all day long – honestly, one of my biggest goals as I’m jonesing to hit the beach with a book and want to feel confident doing it!

bellway fiber routine in kitchen

I noticed that my skin felt clearer, which I took to my naturopath for validation. She actually said that fiber can help to rid excess estrogen out of the body, which was HUGE for someone like myself, who has been dealing with some vey irritating PCOS-like symptoms for the past few years.

Overall, I noticed…

+ Increased energy
+ Major de-bloat
+ Brighter, clearer skin
+ Daily, regular movements
+ Easier digestion

My Final Take

Adding the Super Fiber + Fruit powder to my daily regimen has been an absolute no-brainer. I love that I don’t have to take another pill in the morning and that my new fiber ritual can be added into my AM hydration routine. Two birds, one stone!
Not only do I feel more energized to start my day, but having a working system makes me feel like everything else I’m doing is 10x more effective.

Like, finally I can actually see the pay-off of my pilates routine, which was nearly impossible when I was trying to do a set of ‘the hundreds’ with a bloated belly.

I plan on sticking to my fiber routine when I travel (which I really want to do this summer!). Bellway also makes Stick Packs that you can easily take with you for some serious on-the-go movement. Taking Bellway after flying or between exotic meals is an ideal solution for me.

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