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They say that beauty comes from within, but healthy skin truly does begin in the gut. Dull, irritated or acne-prone skin is often the first indicator that something is “off” with our gut health. And clear, glowing skin is a huge pay-off when we finally get our digestion right.

You can buy the best skincare products and the most expensive makeup, but if you’re not addressing your gut health, you may be missing the biggest step of all in your daily beauty routine.

FACT: When the gut microbiome becomes imbalanced with too many “bad” types of bacteria (usually from an unbalanced diet), our bodies respond with inflammation. Inflammation can wreak havoc on the body’s overall well-being and aggravate our skin leading to acne breakouts, rosacea, eczema, redness, sensitivity, dry skin, and a breakdown of collagen that can lead to wrinkles.

We asked one of our team members with less than ideal digestion to try out our latest drinkable obsession, Bellway. Bellway is a fiber product — possibly the least sexy supplement category out there, until we met this brand and changed our whole approach to glowing skin.

Despite working hard to get plenty of fiber-rich foods in our diet, we hadn’t tried a fiber supplement until Bellway and now it’s one of the products our team talks about most!

I tried Bellway for 7 days…

I jumped at the chance to review Bellway for one week. Having struggled with gut issues my entire life from bloating to constipation and indigestion, it seems like I’ve dealt with it all.

Instead of their Classic Super Fiber, Bellway actually ended up sending me a brand new product: their Bellway Beauty: Super Fiber + Collagen. With all the benefits of fiber our team had told me about, this product also had the additional skin health benefits of both collagen and hyaluronic acid (yes, you can take hyaluronic internally!). 

Back to my indigestion issues….digestive problems can wreak havoc on your entire body making you feel sick and lethargic. There have been days where I had to take time off from work because I simply couldn’t function well.

I’ve actually spent thousands of dollars on both traditional and alternative doctor’s visits for my digestive issues looking for a solution. I have tried MANY probiotics, pre-biotics, digestive supplements, enzymes, and fiber supplements and I can tell you they are not all created equal.

When the team started trying Bellway and had great things to say about their own experiences, I had to try it for myself. I’m just excited that I got to try the amped up new version, Bellway Beauty: Super Fiber + Collagen to get the skin health benefits in addition.

Before I share my own experience, here’s the lowdown on all the ingredients….

Bellway Beauty: Super Fiber + Collagen

Psyllium Husk | The key ingredient in the blend is psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is a soluble fiber and works by gently sweeping through your system to improve daily digestion. Taking a full scoop of Bellway’s soluble fiber everyday helps your body to rid itself of all that builds up in our systems that cause us to feel bloated and weighed down.  

Psyllium alone is worth taking as a beauty ingredient. Soluble fiber relieves bloating, helps to clear skin and manage our overall weight. 

COLLAGEN | Collagen acts like scaffolding for our skin, keeping it from sagging and forming wrinkles. Our bodies produce less of it as we age and supplementing with bioavailable collagen can keep our skin plump and youthful looking, maintaining its hydration and elasticity.

HYALURONIC ACID | The buzz-worthy ingredient in skincare for the past decade, hyaluronic acid works within our bodies to hold a thousand times its weight in water! Most people don’t know that you can inject hyaluronic acid as well as apply it topically to gain all those deeply hydrating benefits for our skin and joints.

My Experience Taking Bellway Beauty
For One Week

In the month leading up to my Bellway trial I had not been “regular”. With that came bloating after each meal and constant fatigue, plus my skin just wasn’t at its best. Needless to say, I was the perfect candidate for this little experiment.

I started incorporating Bellway Beauty: Super Fiber + Collagen in Strawberry Lemonade every morning. I tried the other flavor, Matcha Lemon too and the Strawberry Lemonade was the winner for me — clean, refreshing and the perfect little pick me up in the AM.

Taking Bellway was an easy ritual to add to my morning routine, putting two full scoops in an empty glass before filling it with 12oz of room temperature water (it won’t mix properly if the water is too hot or too cold) and stirring til mixed evenly.

I quickly learned to drink it immediately after it’s mixed. You don’t want to leave sitting out. Once added to water, psyllium Husk will get really thick if it sits out too long — that’s what makes it so incredible INSIDE your gut, but it’s much more pleasurable to drink before that happens.

Within a few hours of taking, I felt movement in my gut. Impressive! I continued taking it every morning for 7 days straight and the results were beyond what I had expected. I felt more energized throughout my day and less bloated. By day 4, my gut felt like it was back to normal in a way I haven’t felt in months.

That experience alone was enough to convince me to make Bellway a permanent part of my morning routine, but what made the week trial even better were the skin benefits! My daily Bellway ritual turned out to be beautifying from every angle: the fiber reduced bloating and helped my skin get glowing again, plus the deeply hydrating benefits of collagen and hyaluronic meant that my skin felt deeply hydrated and strengthened from within — hair and nails benefit from this too!

Before trying Bellway, I never would have thought of a fiber drink as a skincare hack, but taking it every day helps improve the way we absorb nutrients from what we eat and works as a natural detox that helps get rid of the waste that can lead to breakouts and other issues. Combined with collagen and hyaluronic acid, this simple morning routine is basically a beauty lover’s dream.

My Results at the End of the Week

After taking Bellway regularly for seven days, I’m pretty much hooked. I’ve since made this a new staple in my supplement routine and expect to keep it up for the foreseeable future. 

Bellway honestly outperformed other psyllium husk supplements I’ve tried and truly made a difference in my digestive health. The collagen and hyaluronic acid also replaced some other supplements in my arsenal of products I take daily, simplifying my morning routine and giving my skin instant benefits from a few different angles. Hit me up with questions in the comments if you have them, otherwise get going with a daily collagen and fiber routine for 20% off. Use our exclusive code below to try this unexpectedly potent beauty ritual for yourself and tell us how it goes! 

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