An Honest Giveaway: The Cutest Baby Essentials Ever!

All month long we’ve been honored to have The Honest Company as our guest editors. Co-founders Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan have told us all about their new company, Honest.com, shared their top tips to create a healthy nursery, and shared vital information about how to reduce radiation and pollutants in the house. For their final installation as our March guest editors, Christopher and Jessica are giving us one more reason to love us: One lucky reader will get 3 months-worth of Honest.com’s Essential Kit. That includes a month’s worth of non-toxic bath & skin and household cleaning products for your entire family. Here’s how you win: Just tell us in the comments of this story what your most useful cleaning tip is and the one that has us saying “a-ha!” the loudest will win the Honest goods!

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We're pleased to announce our guest editors for March, Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba, from The Honest Company!

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