Herbal infusions are the ultimate compliment to any at-home beauty regimen. Made with just water and a mix of nourishing botanicals, the best beauty infusion hydrates and heals from within — a perfect pairing to all the efforts you’re making to hydrate and heal from the outside.

We love a good DIY potion,  especially when it’s made with foods known for their beauty-boosting benefits. On a recent trip to China, food writer and cookbook author, Kat Odell, stumbled upon an effortless variation on a glowy bev we know well. Read up below, snag the simple recipe, then make it your own inspired by this one.

Popular in Chinese medicine, goji berries have been long celebrated for their high antioxidant content, and their purported ability to lower blood pressure and contribute to overall life longevity. Meanwhile roselle––the flower we recognize as hibiscus–– is likewise packed with antioxidants and believed to tame inflammation.

Auriga spa within China’s nearly year-old luxe hotel Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li, builds its treatments––which range from a classic massage to skin scraping therapy gua sha––around the belief that the moon’s different phases impact the body in specific ways. This roselle with wolfberry tea is specially tailored for the new moon––a time for renewal and introspection.

Roselle With Wolfberry Tea


1 tablespoon dried goji berries
4 dried hibiscus flowers


Add both ingredients to a heat-proof container with a lid. Add one cut hot water. Cover with lid and let steep 30 minutes. Discard hibiscus flowers and pour tea with goji berries into glass. Serve.

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