We’re celebrating the intersection between fashion and wellness all summer with Vogue and Pressed Juicery’s deliciously limited collab, and a new TCM series that wouldn’t be complete without mentioning beauty empress, Bobbi Brown.

She’s become an icon amongst beauty pros and lovers alike, popularizing a more natural look for women over the years and has built a passionate following along the way. Whether seen on magazine covers or in the evolving woman’s everyday style, Bobbi’s natural look has had a firm influence on how we think about beauty, makeup and our skin. She’s shown millions of women how to let their natural beauty shine — instead of turning our face into a showcase of color.

Bobbi’s new book Beauty From The Inside Out dives deep into the topic of beauty in terms we relate to: from the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to beautifying recipes that get us glowing with confidence. See our interview with Bobbi and her sister here to learn more about her commitment to balanced living. We asked Bobbi to talk to us about her ambitious daily movement goals and the empowering style rules she lives by…

This season in 3 words:

Health, confidence and simplicity.

My uniform this season:

Same as always – jeans, a navy sweater and Stan Smiths.

Healthy dish/recipe I rely on lately:

Chocolate, collagen smoothie with coconut milk.

Always in my fridge:

Pellegrino and fresh lemon juice.

3 daily wellness habits:

Hydrate, move my body and breathe.

To stay healthy on the run I…

Always have packets of healthy snacks.

Natural beauty tip:

Coconut oil is the best to remove makeup. Pinch your cheeks to give them an instant and perfect flush.

Always in my day bag:

My iPhone and sunglasses.

Health habit that changed my life:

Walking 12,000 steps a day.

Workout I love:


On my bookshelf:

Joan Juliet Buck’s Price of Illusion.

Recent inspirations:

Gloria Steinem.

Cause that’s closest to my heart:

My current mantra:

Do what you love.

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