Beauty For Your Skin Type: 7 Sensitive Skin Essentials

Ever received a skin care tip from a friend and had it backfire on you? There are so many amazing skin care products on the market today, but the key to great skin is finding the products that are right for your skin type. Everyone’s skin is different, but we’re breaking down our favorite skin care products by skin type – dry, oily, combination and sensitive – to give you a head start in finding the perfect products that are right for you! First up, we’re tackling sensitive skin face on and giving you the 7 saviors for getting glowing skin now!

  • 7 Perfect Products For Sensitive Skin:

  • RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream, $18
    Nothing is better when the weather turns cold than a rich body butter, but too many creams contain heavy and unnatural ingredients that just sit on the skin. If this simple jar from RMS looks like just a tub full of coconut oil, that's because it is! The truth is pure, soothing coconut oil needs no improving upon - especially for those with sensitive skin. Coconut melts right into the skin and provides natural anti-microbial protection as well deep, soothing hydration. You'll never wonder about mystery ingredients with this one.

  • Amala Hydrating Yogurt Mask, $58
    This 95% organic mask is designed to increase the skin's own natural strength, soothe skin redness and soften overly taut skin. Based on 3 delicious ingredients: jasmine, macadamia nut, and wild rose, this treatment helps to restore moisture on a deep level and leaves skin with a radiant glow - as all great facial treatments should!

  • Tata Harper Restorative Eye Créme, $90
    Even if you don't have sensitive skin, picking a gentle eye cream is key. We love everything from Tata Harper's farm-grown line of cleansers and serums, but this  eye cream is one of her most popular products and with good reason. 26 active - and completely natural - ingredients are packed into this tiny bottle - arnica for puffiness, lavendar to calm and carrot seed for maximum nourishment. Tata Harper is the perfect brand for skeptics of natural skin care - proving you can have natural products that are effective too.

  • Hydrea London FSC Certified Facial Brush, $6
    If you're wary of trying new products on your skin, why not simply add a tried and true skin brush into your regimen? With no risk of reacting to new ingredients, you'll allow your current products to penetrate the skin more effectively and provide your skin with a boost in circulation. Using a skin bruch is a great way to lightly exfoliate and increase blood flow. This especially gentle brush from Hydrea is ethically-sourced and perfect for daily deep cleaning and gentle face massage.

  • Sentara Rose Gel Remover Eye & Face, $50
    More than a few French actresses attribute their porcelain skin to French beauty line Sentara. Avoiding irritating products is one thing, but finding a gentle remover to wash them all off with can be just as difficult! Sentara's organic botanial rose gel effectively removes makeup and goes a step further by stimulating collagen with hyaluronic acid and boosting radiance with damas rose.

  • Klorane Soothing and Relaxing Patches for Tired-Eyes, $14
    These brightening patches, designed especially for the eyes, can be used as a 7-day treatment or as required on sleep-deprived mid-week mornings. Treat yourself to these patches during an extra-busy holiday week to restore vitality and freshness to tired eyes! Blue cornflower soothes inflammation and other effects of less-than-8-hour nights. Perfect for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Put nature to work and look like you got a full night's sleep straight through to the New Year.

  • Avene Redness Relief Soothing Cream with SPF 25, $27
    Eau Thermale Avene provides solutions for those with intolerant skin. Using thermal spring water as a base to soothe and bring down inflammation, this cream actually increases the health of veins and blood vessels while seriously calming the appearance of skin on the surface. If you are prone to redness and inflammation or would like to reduce the appearance of skin issues like visible blood vessels, Avene should be your top natural resource. The added SPF means extra protection from future damage as well!

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