This summer, get your toes in the sand without losing your cool with this simple round-up for your beach bag.  Who says you’ve got to sacrifice the health of your skin and hair to lay in the sun?  While it’s true that caution is necessary with those melting summer rays and a beach umbrella may still be a natural beach babe’s best friend, we’ve picked a few other all-natural favorites that will keep your look fresh and un-frazzled!  There are 6 points to keeping pretty at the beach: inner hydration, outer hydration,  sun protection, hair care and smooth skin – that’s five and the sixth is up to you.  Whether it’s a giant pair of sunnies, that polka-dot bikini or your own dazzling smile, pulling off the quintessential beach look is all about having fun!  Pack your beach bag right and come home sun-kissed, gorgeous and hydrated!

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