7 Beautiful Ways To Prep A Guest Room Before Holiday Guests Arrive

Hosting holiday guests can be a challenge and a thrill. One key to helping everyone feel at home is in getting ahead of basic guest room details that’ll help your guests feel at ease. We’ve gathered together a few our favorite basics — from mattresses to bedside details — that’ll help you get your guest room in order quickly.

While a good mattress is essential, we’ve also got you covered with affordable organic cotton bedding and towels, plus easy, beautiful details that’ll help bring any guest room together fast…

7 Natural Ways To Prep A Guest Room

Avocado Mattress Let’s start with the actual mattress in your guest room. Truth by told, if your guest room mattress is un-sleep-worthy, no amount of candles or fresh bedding will help your friends and family get comfortable during their stay! avocado mattress reviewOne of the best green brands in the business, Avocado makes a natural mattress in a range of styles that will last the test of time. Avocado mattresses are free from the off-gassing chemicals many conventional beds contain — the last thing we want near us while we rest! If you invest in nothing else for guests, make it a good mattress for a solid night’s sleep.

Seasons Sonic 2.0 Diffuser | (Shown at top) Pop this gorgeous diffuser bedside and fill it with homey, calming oils like lavender, cedar or palo santo. Have the diffuser running when guests arrive for a welcoming scent that’ll make them feel welcome, cozy and at ease. Not only do essential oils have beneficial mind-body properties, they’re also much safer than candles. Find a few of our favorite seasonal oils HERE.quilt guest room bed tray

Parachute Linen Box Quilt | New bedding is the simplest, but most impactful way to refresh a guest room. We love all the natural colors and textures from Parachute Home. This chic linen quilt makes an easy addition to existing bedding that will help you update a room quickly if you’re up to your ears in holiday planning.

Urban Outfitters Laurie Bed Tray | Looking for special details to let your guest know they’re cared for? A bed tray is the ultimate bedside luxury — whether you serve your mother-in-law breakfast in bed or not, guests can tote coffee or snacks back to their room or pull up their laptop in bed.

jenni kayne candle

Jenni Kayne Lido Throw | Everyone’s evening temperature preferences are different. Extra blankets in the guest room are key to give your guests comfortable options. This stunning alpaca and merino wool throw from Jenni Kayne Home makes a beautiful accessory and ensures guests have options for bundling up at night.

Jenni Kayne Leather Catchall | Providing a station for guests’ odds and ends is a nice touch and a leather catchall like this one can help to keep plane tickets, rental car keys or other essentials all in one place. We love a tray like this one for styling bedside tables and keeping guest stays extra cozy!

Pact organic towel set | There’s nothing like a set of fresh fluffy towels when you’re a guest in someone’s home and Pact makes some of the best. From these ribbed towel sets to great basic bedding sets, everything from Pact is made from 100% organic cotton and is incredibly affordable!molekule air filter qualtiy

MOLEKULE AIR PURIFIER | You’ve seen this super-chic air purifier in our gift guides and home cleaning stories for years, and with good reason. Molekule is an air purifier –a whole other level from most air filters. The Molekule actually destroys questionable particles in the air — and looks great doing it. Forget keeping a bulky, industrial-looking unit in the corner, you’ll want to place the Molekule someplace you can see and enjoy!

bedside carafe

Crate + Barrel Clear Glass Carafe | There’s just something about this old-fashioned detail that makes us feel right at home when staying with friends. A bedside carafe with stacking water glass will ensure your overnight guests don’t have to wander through the kitchen for water at midnight and have everything they need to stay comfortable and hydrated each night.

dyson home gifts

Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Purifying Fan Heater | Dyson’s high-tech products live up to the hype. This beautiful and easily portable fan is the ultimate creature comfort for guest rooms — it cools, heats and provides fresh air whenever needed — silently.

Dyson cyclone v10 cordless vacuum | You know you’re an adult when… Yes, we’re actually obsessed with a vacuum cleaner. Like, obsessed. Dyson’s design-forward thinking makes this tool so easy to use that it’s fun. Clean freaks and frequent hosts, take note! 

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