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SMOOTHIE ADDICTS, REJOICE: this is the best thing to happen to your countertops since forever.

If you’ve been with us a while, you’re familiar with The Shop and our regular feature, TCM Item of the Week. As fall looms near, we’re getting back to publishing more of them — one of our favorite features of all time!

We see so much product — the best new wellness products and programs, clean beauty, sustainable fashion, fitnesswear and more. Some products are just meh, and others thrill us to the core. This feature is where we’re featuring those products.

Here’s the latest item we’re both literally and figuratively drooling over at the moment…

WHAT IT IS: Meet The Beast Blender, a well-designed, powerful blender under $200 that will be everywhere come the holidays.

We’ve been testing the new Beast Blender over the last couple of months and we’re obsessed. The Beast is every smoothie lover’s dream tool: compact, beautifully-designed — and under 200 bucks.
Goodbye, not so great-looking bullet blender! This new blender actually looks great on our countertops and runs like a champ.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: Recently, we were “influenced” by our pal, Shira RD, who shared an unboxing of this pretty little blender on Instagram. We’d seen a few ads, but at a glance, seeing the blender ‘IRL’, knew we needed to bring this little unit to you guys ASAP.

Fast-forward to a few months of testing in the kitchen and we’re certain that this blender is soon to be a kitchen staple absolutely everywhere. Here’s why:

IT’S GORGEOUS The ribbed blending cups are just so pretty — and aligned with our favorite home trend right now: fluted wood and ceramic surfaces. The blender has a tall sleek look we love and comes in grey, white and black. (We went with grey!)

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IT’S COMPACT. Yes, bullet blenders are compact too, but they’re a compromise when it comes to look and functionality. Our cheap-o bullet blenders always feel (and look) like they’re on their last leg. Yes, we’ve got a Vitamix too, but don’t like to keep the bulky blender on our countertops. Dragging it out for those mid-work session smoothies just isn’t worth it.

The tall, slim design of the Beast makes it the perfect fit for daily use and, again, actually looks so cute that it inspires us to blend something up.

With two sizes of blender cups, you could easily pack this up to the beach house, a friend’s home or hotel room without much fuss.

IT’S SMART. The Beast runs at 18,000 rpm and runs smoothly, hands free. It monitors its own blade speed, and makes constant adjustments to maintain consistent speed and torque. It’s also pretty quiet, as blenders go.

We love the way it locks together once you load the cup to the blender base and appreciate it’s thick, BPA-free walls.The blender feel more durable than any small blender we’ve tried.

WHAT TO DO WITH IT: Surely, our tribe doesn’t need much instruction when it comes to a compact blender.

Make your green protein smoothies, nut butters, salad dressing, vegan pestos and anything else you’re often making in the kitchen lately without taking up a huge amount of counter space. The slimline machine blends better and looks sleeker than the bullet version we’ve so often reached for.

WHY YOU NEED IT: The Beast is actually the brain-child of (go figure!) Nutribullet founder, Colin Sapire. Colin designed the Beast to be “the most beautiful, intelligent and effective blender” on the market. Consider it the ‘adult upgrade’ for those of us who enjoy the convenience of those small blenders, but want something higher quality and better looking in our homes.

Priced under $200, The Beast is something of a no-brainer, which is why we predict that it will be everywhere soon. This blender provides the goldilocks solution we’re looking for in a blender.

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