Balance Sheet: Keeping Calm With Mindy Kaling

Between magazine cover shoots, late night appearances and starring in her own network TV show, Mindy Kaling still manages to seem calm, collected – and completely cool. Since the way we manage stress in life has a significant effect on our health – from sleep patterns to hormone balance – we thought we’d ask Mindy a little bit about how she pulls it all off! Clearly, having a spot-on sense of humor turns the tide in her favor, a big part of keeping the peace is simply a matter of attitude. But there are other tools at our disposal to help ourselves through stressful seasons. Take a few cues from Mindy, then read up on some of our most popular stress-busting posts!

When I feel overwhelmed I...

Go for a run.  But, like a really slow run. Some people walk faster than my run.

My favorite way to take a break is to...

I love sleep but I don’t get to do too much of it. I could sleep as much as a 13-year-old boy if I was allowed; easily 14 hours a day.

Best tactic for staying calm under fire:

I have a stressful job, but it’s the most enjoyable job in the world. Remembering that I created a comedy show and that there’s no life-or-death element to my job is helpful.

Fave way to detox:

I try to not eat red meat during the week, in addition to doing a ten-day juice cleanse twice a year.  

Thing that always brings me back to center:

My best friend Jocelyn, who lives in New York, is one of the smartest people I know and doesn’t do anything involved with entertainment. She is so good at giving me perspective.

Circumstances under which you turn off your phone:

I will turn off my phone when I’m dead. 

Where do you find sanctuary?

I do all my writing in my bed, with my computer on my lap. I once heard Woody Allen writes in bed too, so I feel cool doing it.

Biggest inspirations:

I love the Coen Brothers because they keep tackling vastly different stuff, but they have never made anything bad. My mother is pretty much the greatest source of inspiration for me, daily. 

What's your curfew:

No sleep until it’s perfect. 

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