In just a few short weeks, we’re gathering with beauty mavens from around the country for the second annual A Night For Green Beauty! This year, 100% of the proceeds from the evening’s huge, all-brand gift boxes will benefit one of our favorite L.A. charities, Baby2Baby. Baby2Baby distributes children’s care supplies – think diapers and other baby basics – to over 75,000 low-income families through such reputable organizations as Head Start and Homeboy Industries.

Our support for this mommy-driven organization is year-round, but with A Night For Green Beauty just around the corner, we wanted to share more about Baby2Baby straight from co-presidents, Norah Weinstein and Kelly Sawyer Patricof themselves. Norah and Kelly are interviewing each other below about how they got into all these baby supply capers together. Read about a few of their personal favorite products, then watch for the gift sets at ANFGB that benefit this worthwhile cause! Here are Norah and Kelly…

Norah Weinstein: For those who don’t know you as well as I do, Kelly, tell us a little about yourself. We have such different backgrounds but are such perfect partners! While I was interning at the White House for President Clinton, and then working as an attorney at Skadden Arps, you were modeling and traveling all over the world. But aside from your years in fashion, you have always been committed to children’s causes. Tell us about that.

Kelly Sawyer Patricof: When I lived in NYC, I volunteered at my mother-in-law’s Head Start Center in Harlem. I fell in love with the kids there! There was a boy named Ryan in one of the classrooms I worked with who was my little buddy. One day I was sitting with him doing his math and he just started crying and saying he couldn’t do it. I asked him why and he said his feet hurt too much. I discovered he was wearing shoes that were three sizes too small and his feet were covered in blisters, so much so that he couldn’t learn. At that moment, I realized that all the things we take for granted are not so easy to come by, and I wanted to help children have access to the essentials they all deserve.

Let’s talk about how we got started with Baby2Baby – the conversations that sparked it all.

Norah Weinstein: We both wanted to move into the non-profit world full time, and with young babies we couldn’t get beyond the idea that hundreds of thousands of children in our own city were without clean diapers, a safe place to sleep and warm clothes – and we wanted to help. But someone was already doing it and the last thing we wanted to do was reinvent the wheel, so we went to talk to the three philanthropic women who had founded Baby2Baby. They loved the grassroots effort, but were struggling with how to grow the organization to the size it deserved. Serendipitously, the two of us walked in their door with a plan to grow it exponentially. They handed us the keys to Baby2Baby days later. It was a win-win!

Kelly Sawyer Patricof:  What have been your proudest moments at Baby2Baby?

Norah Weinstein: My proudest moment at Baby2Baby was when we got a cold call in our office three years ago from Huggies telling us they were impressed with the work we had been doing and asking if we could accept 100,000 diapers. I felt like we had won the lottery. By the end of this year, we will have distributed over four million diapers. We’ve come a long way…

Kelly Sawyer Patricof: We have! My proudest moments are always seeing the children’s happy faces. The mothers are so grateful and often in tears when they accept the donations from Baby2Baby. At our holiday party, I had a mom and dad hugging me and saying there would not have been Christmas without Baby2Baby – these moments are my happiest.

When it comes to family products like the ones Baby2Baby helps to provide, safe products are so important to us. Let’s talk about that too.

Norah Weinstein: The Honest Company is so generous to us and we have been lucky enough to be their partner from day one. We are so happy to be able to give the children we serve these non-toxic, family safe products – as happy as we are to use them on our own kids and in our own homes. Giving back and going green kind of go hand in hand. Kelly, you’re an all-natural girl, what are you loving right now?

Kelly Sawyer Patricof: Yes, I would consider myself a natural girl. I take about 40 vitamins a day and I love Pressed Juicery – I am on a Greens 4 kick and I am trying to work my way up to Greens 1!

Norah Weinstein: What green products do you love for baby? For yourself?

Kelly Sawyer Patricof: I use The Honest Company products for my house and I love the hand soap and body wash for me too! I use all their products for my kids, who are obsessed with the bubble bath and the healing balm…they truly think it cures any ouch and I use it on my own lips and cuticles! For myself, I love Koh Gen Do makeup – they have the best sheer lip colors and I love tarte cheek stain…it’s a dewy balm for cheeks that is great for summer.

Is there anything you’re especially looking forward to shopping at A Night For Green Beauty?

Norah Weinstein: I am so looking forward to this event. First off, we are incredibly grateful to La Bella Figura for inviting us to be the charity partner for A Night for Green Beauty and giving 100% of the proceeds of their beauty boxes to the children we serve. It sounds like a dream night with manicures, pedicures and pressed juice! I’m a big fan of Odacite, so I’m excited to visit their table. I feel like I spend so much time researching green products for my kids, and it’s nice to remember that the moms need them too!

Join us at A Night For Green Beauty!

We’re counting down the days already and and can’t wait to shop the best new green beauty offerings from brands like Beautycounter, Odacite and La Bella Figura…and to see our friends in the green beauty world – from makeup artists, brand ambassadors, green goddesses and readers – all in one place! Here’s what you need to know…

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