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From what we hear, everyone is ready to make this “The Year of Travel,” but without any of 2022’s insane travel chaos. (Lost luggage, anyone?) A road trip to a National Park like Zion, Joshua Tree, or Yosemite could be absolutely epic, unless the idea of camping makes you a) bristle, b) panic, c) upset, or d) all of the above.

We get it. Camping may not be for everyone. Maybe you’re a matcha-loving urbanite with a modern-day Paul Bunyon as your partner, desperately looking for a getaway that would make you both happy. Maybe you’re one of those people with a bunch of outdoorsy friends who love to “find themselves in nature,” while all you can think about is how you’ll pee in the woods. If that sounds familiar, we’ve discovered the perfect travel solution for you and yours. It doesn’t involve early morning tent condensation or dehydrated spaceship food. And, yes, there are showers. Trust us, you will never be up the creek without a paddle again.


We have found our new home base for getting out in nature while retaining all our creature comforts. Say hello to AutoCamp, an outdoorsy travel experience that’ll fit the bill for everyone involved. They even serve wine!

Why We’re Headed To AutoCamp This Summer!

Whether you’re on a couple’s getaway, a group hang, or just looking to get back into the wilderness without going off the grid, AutoCamp has removed all of the friction one would experience with normal backpacking-style camping (which we’re not knocking!), so nature-goers and the camping curious can simply just relax and enjoy where they are.

With access to some of the most beautiful campgrounds in the country, AutoCamp has accounted for every single glorious detail when it comes to providing city dwellers with the resort-worthy accommodations they need to feel comfortable without imposing on nature’s best.autocamp airstream

What’s on the inside (or actually, the outside)…

Boutique-Style Amenities | From iconic Airstreams to luxury cabins, spacious tents, basecamps, and accessible suites, AutoCamp juxtaposes intentional, impeccable mid-century modern design with the organic flow of nature. Inside every space are amenities that may as well transport you to a five-star hotel— a spa-grade bathroom with Ursa Major products, luxury linens, basic cookware, a flat-screen television, and even an outdoor fire pit. When was the last time you ever considered you’d have a memory foam mattress while camping?!

Location-Specific Clubhouses | AutoCamp takes the idea of a “basecamp” to a whole other level with their stun-ning Clubhouses (that have pools, y’all). Made to be the center core amongst all of their locations, these Clubhouses serve as a beautiful respite for any kind of need. Wifi and work spaces for your on-the-go work needs? Check. Gorgeous swimming pool and lounge area? Check. The ideal spot to gather with your friends and meet new, like-minded glampers during their daily two-hour wine and beer Happy Hour? Check, check, check.
autocamp zionThe Kitchen + General Store | Dining around a campfire has never been more satisfying. AutoCamp leverages local chefs and cuisines to provide a truly unforgettable, elevated dining experience no matter where you are. If you’ve forgotten to pack any food essentials, or just need a quick breakfast / lunch bite pre-activities, you have the option to pick up daily provisions at their General Store, which honestly just feels like it may as well be a concept store in [Insert Location]. If you don’t have the energy to give your basic cookware a spin, or you just want to mix it up a bit, The Kitchen has thoughtful menus that any Los Angeleno would approve of.autocamp_joshua_tree

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Thoughtfully Curated Adventures | If you’re the type who can just pick up and go anywhere at a moment’s notice without needing any plans or direction, we love that for you. However, if you lean toward wanting to embody all that your location has to offer without stressing over your own itinerary, AutoCamp has already curated a plethora of experiences for every kind of vibe. From complimentary bikes for exploring your immediate surroundings to Clubhouse yoga, to nature therapy at Yosemite, there is certainly something for everyone.

Where We’re Headed Next…

One thing we love the most about AutoCamp is that every one of their locations is completely unique and defined by its natural surroundings (which means we’ve got a lot of camping in our future).

We’re most excited about their L.A.-adjacent locations, which make for the perfect “I just need to change up my environment and get the hell out of this crazy city” getaway.

Here’s where we’re going next:
autocamp Zion | As another one of AutoCamp’s newer locations, Zion looks like a digitally mastered architectural spec that couldn’t possibly be real… but it is. Located near Zion National Park, you’re perched perfectly against the backdrop of Utah’s iconic red-rock landscape, sitting right on top of the Virgin River. Every day, you have the option to spend the day exploring the Narrows, hike Angel’s Landing, or enjoy the scenic canyon drive. Better yet, this June, AutoCamp is celebrating its launch with featured events like a full-blown launch party that includes partnerships with familiar brands like Barebones and Kodiak Cakes, and Chef Sarah Glover, as well as a Stargazing Experience & Wildsam Zion National Park Field Guide Release with astronomer Matthias Schmitt. You won’t want to miss it.

autocamp Yosemite | AutoCamp’s Yosemite location is more than you could ever imagine. It is right near the Yosemite entrance, making it an idyllic and convenient location to take in the overwhelming beauty of the local forest. Not only are you just minutes away from Yosemite’s historic town of Mariposa, but you also have daily shuttle access to take you straight to Yosemite National Park. “But that’s not all!” AutoCamp provides the option to sign up for nature-filled activities like whitewater rafting, hiking, climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing, so you can tell all of your friends that you “did all of the Yosemite things.” If you’re more of the lounging type, you can opt into Cider Tasting or relaxing by the pool instead.
autocamp joshua tree

AUTOCAMP JOSHUA TREE | Joshua Tree is one of AutoCamp’s newest locations, and let us tell you, it has never been… well, more Joshua Tree (and we mean that in the best way possible). With featured experiences like Morning Yoga and a cosmic DJ Star Party (beneath the stars, obviously), it’s safe to say that their J-Tree location is maxing out on all the high desert has to offer all year long. Sign up for artistic exploration, rugged adventures, or just relaxing by the pool—all while in a sprawling, picturesque landscape. Given that it’s only a two-hour drive from L.A., it’s pretty safe to say “going camping” is a no-brainer.

Book Your Next Trip To AutoCamp!

There are now nine AutoCamp locations to choose from in some of the most beautiful locations around the country: Zion, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Russian River, Catskills, Cape Cod…see all the locations HERE. When we tell you that the nightly rates are great – we’ve never been more happily surprised!

Depending on your destination, you can book an Airstream, cabin, suite, luxury tent, or basecamp, which includes a combination Airstream Suite and  deluxe Tent that sleeps up to six adults, or four adults and two children. The options for your camping style are nearly endless.

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to experience the outdoors that will delight everyone in your friend group or family, AutoCamp can help you bridge the gap in style, giving you memories that’ll last a lifetime and all the creature comforts required! Have you tried AutoCamp? Tell us about your trip below!

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