Athena Calderone setting dinner party table

I swoon, you swoon, we all swoon for Athena Calderone’s elegant dinner parties, beautiful whole food recipes and stunning design aesthetic. The interior designer, mama and maker of lifestyle blog, EyeSwoon knows how to turn the standard into the extraordinary.

A true tastemaker, Athena has collaborates with designers, cooks and creatives to make every day objects and events a feast for the eyes. We think that’s what wellness is at its core: being in love with your life and moving through it in your own inspired way.

Celebrating Vogue’s 125 anniversary and their collab with Pressed Juicery, we’re chatting with a few favorite figures who blend fashion, beauty and health into every element of their lives. We asked Athena to join the series, and her day-to-day habits are every bit as elegant, aspirational and balanced as we would expect.

This season in 3 words:

Fresh, alive, vibrant.

My uniform this season:

Feminine and flowy and a whole lotta shoulder.

Healthy dish/recipe I rely on lately:

Labneh and cucumbers with sea salt and olive oil as an afternoon snack. And tahini in everything.

Always in my fridge:

Lemons, fresh herbs, organic half and half, pecorino, sparkling water.

3 daily wellness habits:

Fifteen minutes of meditation in the a.m. Never look at email after 8 p.m. and certainly not before bed. Eight hours of sleep always.

To stay healthy on the run I…

I am not the best at this admittedly. I will use others answers here as a cheat sheet or inspiration.

Natural beauty tip:

Always in my day bag:

Lip balm. A mophie charger. Business cards.

Health habit that changed my life:

Long walks at sunset with no destination in mind.

Workout I love:

On my bookshelf: 

Just finished Fate and Furies.

Recent inspirations:

Vision boarding. More time with my ladies.

Cause that’s closest to my heart:

Inspiring young females to dream big. I have been involved with Step Up.

My current mantra:

Laugh more and dance more.

Want more of Athena? Get to know this blogger goddess here!

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