What do you do after you’ve crafted the world’s perfect T-shirt? If you’re Cheyann Benedict, you take a little time for yourself, travel the world – and get inspired for another fashion adventure!

When Cheyann Benedict co-launched C&C California with its cult status, soft-as-can-be T-shirts, it wasn’t long until she’d whipped the world into its very first high-low luxury T-shirt frenzy!

Fast-forward into the fashion present and we find Cheyann at the cusp of a whole new trend in her namesake fashion line, Cheyann Benedict, that includes the California-cool pieces you might expect, as well as homewares and accessories with the nature-inspired, yet high-end feel we know our readers will go ga-ga for.

We joined Cheyann for an intimate gathering of girlfriends at her Hollywood Hills home where we dined on treats straight from her garden and sipped her famously delicious herbal tea lattes.

Typical daily diet:

My day starts out with a homemade tea latte and then some organic cold pressed juice. Juice is my go-to as well throughout the day, two on average. I’m a vegetarian and crave raw vegetables. A salad a day is a must, but I love french fries too! My favorite sweet is homemade baklava.

Entertaining go-to:

I’m famous among my friends for my tea lattes! I french-press freshly dried herb blends and heat a little almond milk (see photos). There is an herbal blend perfect for any mood or occasion.

Dinner on a busy night:

If I’m eating out, a good quick dinner is Escuela on Beverly. If I’m stuck at home I’ll grab something pre-made from Erewhon.

Quick breakfast:

Breakfast isn’t my thing…other than the occasional chocolate almond croissant from The Little Door.

Changes in diet if you’re gearing up for a big event or vacation:

I’ll juice!

Usual workout:

I take ballet lessons four times a week at Ballet Bodies on Beverly Blvd. And I live below Runyon Canyon, so I enjoy the occasional hike and chat with a friend.

Go-to uniform:

I’m launching my denim line in August and have been addicted to wearing my Greaser jean with one of my Gauze T-shirts, coupled with a colorful pair of Manolo suede pumps.

Necessary indulgence:

Beverly Hot Springs for a body scrub and a soak in the mineral waters.

Favorite recipe:

Anything Moroccan.

Favorite cookbook:

Candle Cafe Cookbook. It’s old school vegetarian.

Must-have for a night in (clothing):

A vintage Indian cotton dress.

Essential piece for night out (clothing):

A stretch suede mini skirt from Jitrois.

Kitchen gadget:

I love my Breville toaster oven.

Pantry essential:

Annie’s Organic Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

Ingredient that makes everything taste better:

Truffle sea salt.

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