Astro Forecast: Feb 20th –Feb 26th

Monday starts our week out with the moon in humanitarian Aquarius, at a friendly angle to Venus in Aries. Group collaborations shine brightly today.  On Tuesday, it’s a New Moon in poetic and sensitive Pisces. This is a special New Moon because it meets the Pisces Ruler Neptune for the first time in 165 years. The New Moon also makes a special link to transiting Jupiter in Taurus. This could be one of the most beautiful New Moons of 2012 full of magic and creativity. The New Moon is the perfect time to initiate a new project, so go for it! On Thursday, the moon glides into proactive Aries through the remainder on the week. It’s the perfect time to get things done. Aries likes sports and is ruled by Mars (which rules weights) – try incorporating some free weights into your workout routine. Enjoy your week, as it looks quite special.

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