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although superfood collagen is getting plenty of well-deserved attention of late, we’ve been throwing back a beauty elixir of another kind lately and have become obsessed. One of the most impressive skincare supplements we’ve tried is also one of the most obscure (and hardest to pronounce): astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin has become the pre-sun, all-vacay-long pill we can’t live without for it’s ability to keep skin even and strong. Benefits range from reducing inflammation to inhibiting sunburns from the inside out.

Even if your beauty supplement cabinet is as extra as ours, find out why we think this is one you should make room for…

What You Should Know: Astaxanthin is a carotenoid (beta-carotene is another!), and causes the red-ish color of salmon, lobster, shrimp and other seafood. It’s also one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature; research has shown the concentration of antioxidants to be “6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, 800 times stronger than CoQ10, 550 times stronger than green tea catechins and 75 times stronger than alpha lipoic acid,” as reported by Dr. Axe. Current research shows that astaxanthin is effective in protecting against certain types of chronic diseases, reducing inflammation, improving joint health and functionality, boosting endurance and energy levels, and diminishing visible signs of physical aging.

Why You Should Try It: We love astaxanthin for all the impressive reasons listed above, but we take it daily for its ability to protect and heal the body’s largest organ: our skin. Studies show that astaxanthin directly improves skin moisture levels, smoothness, elasticity, tone, texture and coloration. It also supports the skin during UV and sun exposure. The results of one study found that a daily dose of astaxanthin increased the amount of time it took for UV radiation to redden the skin, highlighting astaxanthin’s unique ability to support the structure of the skin during sun exposure (Wood, 2001).

Let’s Get Together: Astaxanthin can be applied directly to the skin, but we prefer to take it internally. You can get a good dose of the carotenoid in foods like salmon which is a key part of most beautifying diets anyway, but we prefer to take the supplement daily and especially during and after sun exposure. As always, be sure you’re buying from a responsable and reputable source. Our favorite is brand is Nutrex, sourced directly from Hawaii. CHECK OUT HERE

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