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    “Train like a boss” says actress babe Ashley Greene, whose go-to workout might actually break our bodies (think 30 minutes of non-stop, fast-paced vertical climbing). But if that kind of intensity brings us closer to having a figure like this Twilight star’s, we’ll cautiously oblige.

    We’re loving Ashley’s commitment to a hard-core playlist, no hold’s barred attitude toward scrunchies, and her impressive skills on Rise Nation’s vertical climber with the help of trainer Jason Walsh.

    Moment I fell in love with fitness:

    I don’t know that there was a specific moment per se. Growing up, my parents always encouraged sports and physical activity. I started martial arts very young, and I guess that would be the moment – I remember how much I loved always striving to be stronger, better and more disciplined.

    Fave sport/activity as a kid:

    I’ve always been a water baby, so anything to do with water activity. Or anything my brother was doing.

    Trainer, workout or habit that changed my body:

    Trainer: Jason Walsh. He’s made me stronger than I’ve ever been. Workout habit: Learning to give my body proper fuel for performance before and after the gym.

    How I workout when I mean business:

    Like a boss. I always mean business.

    Fave workout in LA:

    Rise Movement with my trainer Jason Walsh; or Rise Nation for a great 30-minute killer class. I’m addicted.

    Fave workout in NYC:

    I work with a trainer named Justin Gelband. He really listens to my body and always gives me a great workout!

    Favorite time of day for a class:

    I like either an 8 a.m. or a 6:30 p.m. class. I’m usually not a fan of mid-day classes.

    5 things always in my gym bag:

    An extra sports bra and tank for after my workout. Water for during the workout. Organic Muscle Milk to replenish me after the workout; I’m always ravenous afterwards and it’s a great way to get lots of protein back in there immediately. A hair scrunchie – yes a scrunchie – because it keeps my hair from breaking while it’s up.

    Fave fitnesswear brands:

    I really love Alo Yoga. With shoes I mostly stick to New Balance and Nike – for me personally, I find they give me the best comfort and performance levels.

    Favorite way to hydrate:

    Water, before, during and after a workout. When I’m at home I enjoy coconut water as well.

    Favorite post-workout fuel:

    I mentioned Organic Muscle Milk previously, but it really gives me what I need to recover. I also drink tons of water to rehydrate – and the occasional iced green tea, if I need an extra pick-me-up.

    On my workout playlist:

    Calvin Harris ft. Rhianna, This is What You Came For; ChainSmokers, Don’t Let Me Down; Eminem (most of his stuff can hype me up).

    Fave trainers/shoes:

    Braids or pony:

    Pony. But sometimes I like a braid on the side of my pony.

    Gym to street tips/secrets:

    Dry shampoo. Makeup wipes. Throwing a denim shirt over your tank, adding a long necklace, and swapping sneaks for flats, if you’ve got to run errands after the gym.

    Quickie workout of choice when can’t hit gym:

    I have an app on my phone, Stretching Sworkit, that I like. It has both stretching and pilates. I also have a really steep, long driveway that I’ll sprint up and down alongside my pups.

    Fave body part:

    My right pinky, for sure.

    Body that inspired you:

    I think Jessica Biel has a great, strong, lean-yet-feminine sexy body. Great balance.

    I stay inspired by:

    My parents. They always encourage me to be the best version of myself possible and to go out and conquer the world.

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    1. I have always loved Ashley. I read her interview in Women’s Health a few years ago, and was really happy to hear someone talk about how hard they work for their health and physique. This was a great interview too! 🙂

      Alexandra | 06.08.2016 | Reply
    2. Sounds and looks like an ad for Muscle Milk.

    3. I thought I was on the Muscle Milk website. This is so insulting to your devoted readers’ intelligence.

      Patty | 06.10.2016 | Reply
    4. Muscle Milk Seriously ??? Chalkboard I am disappointed..

      Rachel | 06.29.2016 | Reply

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