TCM 12 Days of Holiday Gifts: Anima Mundi’s Beauty Toolkit

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As a clinical herbalist and the mystical brains behind the ever-so-elegant NYC-based shop, Anima Mundi, Costa Rican-born Adriana Ayales understands that great skin and vibrant health go hand in hand. 

 As one of our favorite sources of wisdom on the topic of health and beauty, we were drooling to see Anima Mundi’s brand new Beauty Toolkit and knew it had to be part of TCM’s 12 Days of Holiday Gifts right away!

Note: this article was written while drinking a Dirty Rose Chai latte…

THE GIFT: Anima Mundi’s Beauty Toolkit. Goodbye, fillers and hello, collagen boosters!

Want to drink your way pretty? We’re almost overwhelmed by this collection of incredible powders and elixirs designed to optimize your health in a way that gets skin glowing. Each product helps improve collagen production which slows as we age.

The 411 on collagen: As we age, we naturally produce less of this naturally supple skin-producing element, which—by the way—is responsible for more than just skin. Collagen is basically found in every part of our body, working as the glue that keeps everything together. Our digestive system, tendons, cartilage, and joints included. 

Adriana has created herbals blends that naturally support collagen production with herbs that are naturally high in silica, calcium and minerals. Best of all, they’re easy and delicious to incorporate in your daily routine.

What’s Inside the Beauty Toolkit 

Dirty Rose Chai Collagen Booster The ultimate multi-tasker that tastes like a dream. Assists your digestion with warming spices like cinnamon and cardamom while making it easier for your body to absorb the stronger collagen-boosting adaptogenic herbs like He Shou Wu, Horsetail, Mangosteen and Gynostemma. Blend this serious skin health and longevity support into unsweetened almond or coconut milk for a truly snatched beauty latte.

Collagen Face Oil Adriana can barely keep this in stock since it’s launch earlier this year. If you’ve seen results from using her Boosters and Elixirs – you know why! Once you try the Dirty Rose Chai, you’ll wish you could put those delectable herbs directly on your skin. Anima Mundi’s NEW Collagen Face Oil is basically THAT.

The super potent, medicinal grade oil helps boost and protect your own collagen receptors. Mind: blown.

Skin-loving Jojoba Oil keeps the skin balanced and moisturized, Calendula and Comfrey soothe the skin, while turn-back-time-worthy herbs like He Shou Wu, Gynostemma, Rose, and Mangosteen plump and stimulate. It’s super luxurious and can be  used to brighten your skin as part of both an AM and PM skincare routine. 

Schisandra Rose Elixir Okay, bad news: Stress isn’t just a “feeling.” More stress = more inflammation = imbalanced hormones = dull, sad skin. The Schisandra Rose Elixir is the royal treatment for your skin, starting at the root (we’re talking about stress management).

Because of its adaptogenic nature, schisandra casts a wide net in your body to help it cope against many types of stress and oxidative damage. Better mood, better psychological state, and better skin will make you #2blessed2bestressed.

Collagen Booster Elixir A high potency elixir composed of adaptogenic, mineralizing and beautifying herbs and a nutrient dense digestive aid that’s antioxidant rich. Whether mixed into a  glass of water, or dressed up with soda water as an afternoon spritz, this plentiful blend of organic and wildcrafted herbs, roots, flowers and citrus peels will make you shine at any time.

Amethyst Gua Sha Blade You’ve just placed 4-6 drops of the Collagen Face Oil on your face and neck. Now, grab hold of Amethyst Gua Sha Blade and deepen the absorption of the collagen-inducing oil while also giving your lymphatic system an energizing boost.

The ancient art of gua sha helps to stimulate collagen production, increase circulation, and depuff the face. The Chalkboard fam lives and breathes for lymphatic drainage because the effects are immediate and fabulous. No one will ever say, “Look alive!” to you ever again.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: These product descriptions speak for themselves. Our cupboards are stocked with herbs and elixirs like these to keep us looking and feeling our best every day. Adriana’s herbal elixirs, tonics, boosters, may seem foreign at first if you’re new to this kind of thing, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy the ritual of brewing warm drinks and elixirs that feed your body what it really needs to glow up. 

All the herbs  are sustainably-sourced and manufactured with a true appreciation for all things nature. When Adriana isn’t making magic in her Brooklyn apothecary, she can be found in the rainforest in Costa Rica, meditating, healing, and learning more about the power of energy.

WHY IT MADE THE GIFT GUIDE: The Beauty Toolkit is the gift our whole team is drooling for this year! 2020 has been a slog and we need all of the skin-loving ingredients we can get.

Have a friend who is constantly complaining about aging? Or just want your mom to lean into that self-care routine? This is the gift for them this year!

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