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Karlie kloss is a fashion model, female coding advocate — and soon to be mother, as announced earlier this year. We’d spoken with Bubble, a NYC-based healthy snack delivery situ earlier this year that Karlie is apparently fixated on for clean snacks at home and figured, while we’re all bundled up at home, Karlie’s list of clean snacks might provide a little inspiration, plus some support for small wellness food brands we love!

Totally stumped on lunches at home lately? Four Sigmatic’s Smoothie Kit is the solution for quick, plant-based and protein-rich lunches we love (and on sale!). And if you’re looking for beauty-boosting lattes, Anima Mundi has you c-o-v-e-r-e-d with their Dirty Rose Chai. Otherwise? Dive into a wellnessy delivery of snack hacks from Bubble to try small brands with interesting snacks we love! Here are Karlie’s picks…

6 Healthy Snacks On Karlie Kloss’ Short List

“If you know me, you know I LOVE to snack. I also am pretty conscious of what goes in my body – so I taste tested a few of my random healthy snacks with my entrepreneurial friend, Jess Young from Bubble…”Amazi Dried & Roasted Plantain Chips - Salted Coconut Oil Flavor
Amazi Foods, Salted Coconut Oil Plantain Chips | Prebiotic fiber, addictive flavor, and healthful coconut oil.
Kween Original Granola Butter
Kween, Original Granola Butter| A vegan butter with a cult following you’ve got to try to believe. 
wooden spoon herbs moontime magic
Wooden Spoon Herbs, Moontime Magic | A few tinctures from a small herbal brand can be comforting at home. 
Gem- 30-Day Vitamin Bite Supply, Lemon| An edible daily supplement in whole food form. Strange, but delicious. 
Lone Star Botanicals, Goddess Herbal Tea | Brewing up cup after cup of tea at home and taking in the power of herbs and botanicals. 
hella bubba roasted hazelnuts
Bubble, Hella |Hazelnuts, cacao, coconut sugar — duh. 
Mylk Labs, Coconut & Cassia Cinnamon Oatmeal
Mylk Labs, Coconut & Cassia Cinnamon Oatmeal | One of the most convenient wellness breakfasts out there. Simple, clean and warming.
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