green juice is taking the world by storm, one kale stalk at a time, and we love taking a look at how each city is making the healthy habit its own. We’re quite familiar with how folks drink it green in Dallas, Miami and Seattle – we send them the green stuff ourselves! But when we ran into the crew at Bob’s Cold Press in Paris, France we wanted to know how the City of Light was taking to the presses. Bob’s is hands down the coolest bottle of fresh stuff to tote through the city’s famous streets – and we asked Bob and his team to tell us all about it.


  • Are Parisians big juicers or is this a new thing?
    Juicing is still a bit of a novelty to Parisians as is the whole health-food lifestyle.  At the same time, there is a tremendous appreciation of fresh juice.  Bob's Juice Bar and Bob's Kitchen have a loyal following who see fresh juice not only as an enjoyable way to do something healthy for themselves, but as an exotic food that  can "take them away" to fantasy destinations like New York and LA (the grass is always greener)! 
    With the creation of Bob's Cold Press, we will be introducing Parisians to the concept of cold-pressed juice and taking the experience to a new level...
  • How do New York and Parisian juicers differ?
    In general, New Yorkers are much more demanding than Parisians - they don’t hesitate to tell you exactly what they want.  More familiar with concepts like raw food and glycemic load, their juice choices are more vegetable-based.  The French are more deferential; while they are open to green juices, they are less fruit-averse.
  • Most popular juice combination:

    Our basic green cocktail always includes some combination of kale, celery, apple, ginger and lime.

  • How do you say fresh-pressed juice in French?
    Jus frais pressé  (jooh-fray-pressay)
  • True Parisian food cliche:

    The French really do love their tradition of wine, cheese, and bread.  They are quite proud of this savoir faire and can’t live without it for very long - but hopefully long enough for a 5-day juice cleanse.

  • False Parisian food cliche:
    That Parisian women remain inexplicably thin despite not “watching their weight” and indulging in all sorts of fatty french delicacies.  While you might see svelte women enjoying a piece of moelleux au chocolat, these same women tend to eat rather small portions.
  • Favorite Paris hotspots:
    Besides Bob's Juice Bar and Bob's Kitchen, we recommend...Rose Bakery, Nanashi, Pousse-Pousse, Le Grand Appetite, Voy Alimento, Café Pinson, Soya, and The Gentle Gourmet!
  • Favorite Paris Parks:

    Saint Martin Canal:  This picturesque canal with its old-school water locks is a popular picnic spot on warm days.  Grab a juice from Bob's Juice Bar or the best coffee in town from Ten Belles.

    Buttes Chaumont Park: An extremely hilly man-made park near the bohemian Belleville neighborhood on Paris’s east bank.  It has a stalactite-dripping cave with an inspiring waterfall as well as a trendy watering hole: Rosa Bonheur.

    Luxembourg Park: Magnificent trees and gardens. A great spot for posh people-watching.

    Square Maurice Gardette: Our new favorite hangout, around the corner from Bob’s Cold Press, this is still an undiscovered little gem.

  • Best healthy dishes in Paris:

    Chezaline:  Inimitable Spanish tortilla and Basque-style fish escabeche.
    Chez Omar:  Outstanding veggie couscous.
    Breizh Cafe:  For buckwheat crepes like nobodies business.
    Frenchie Wine Bar:  The best gnocchi!
    Du Pain Et Des Idees:  Pain des amis, buddy bread

  • une jus frais pressé recette
    3 carrots
    1 blood orange
    1 grapefruit
    1 dash of cayenne
    1 tsp of miel du Gâtinais (local honey)
    1/2 cup of filtered water
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