TCM 12 Days of Holiday Gifts: The Always Pan From Our Place

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Our Place’s pantry is filled with chic and functional dining and cookware that’s taken the internet by storm. From the moment we tried a set of these stylishly affordable staples, we knew the brand would be an instant hit. Whether you’re entertaining your pod or just making a cozy dinner at home alone, Our Place’s stackable drinking glasses, hand-painted porcelain plates and side bowls make serving, storing and cleaning a delight. We’ve never found such stylish pieces at such an affordable price point. 

Created with intention by Malala Fund’s co-founder, Shiza Shahid, Our Place stands for inclusivity, community, and accessibility, which is another reason we’re shining a special light on their Always Pan during TCM’s 12 Days of Holiday Gifts.

THE GIFT: Our Place’s Always Pan. The most buzz-worthy kitchen staple of 2020, the Always Pan can replace eight pieces of traditional cookware. We repeat: EIGHT pieces of cookware. Even better, the pan does it in style. A clever notch on the handle allows the pan’s accompanying wooden spoon to stay close at hand without making a mess. And the custom, removable steamer basket inside means you’ll never fumble with one of those strange expanding steamer baskets again.

In six beautifully-muted matte tones we’re obsessed with, this non-toxic, non-stick pan was designed for everyone, everywhere. (Yes, beginners, that includes you especially!)

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: It’s a myth that in order to be a well-seasoned cook, you need a kitchen full of every kitchen tool and cookware piece under the sun.  Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to cookware and knowing which pieces can multi-task along side you is key.

The Always Pan has become such a hit because everyone from kitchen newbies to seasoned home chefs can do just about anything with it — and do it well. The pan will sear, braise, saute, fry and boil thanks to those high walls. The new bamboo steamer insert will also let you steam (obviously!). New Year’s dumplings, anyone? 

Not only is the Always Pan made with functionality in mind, but it is also one of the most beautiful objects in our kitchens now. Select your pan color (we’re keen on the terra cotta shade!), but be warned: you’re going to want to transform your entire lifestyle to match the new aesthetic.

WHY IT MADE THE GIFT GUIDE: Aside from its innovative consolidation of features, the Always Pan is non-toxic and can be accompanied with their incredible Full Kitchen Collection. The stackable plates and bowls have become our daily tableware – simply stunning and shockingly affordable. There isn’t a color in the collection we wouldn’t want to unwrap! 

Safe + Non-Toxic | Most conventional non-stick pans contain endocrine disruptors that end up in your bloodstream and may lead to long-term chronic issues. Our Place nixes toxic materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, lead, and other PFAs and opts for a non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating instead. 

Clever Design |  The Always Pan solves all our storage and utilitarian challenges in less time than it takes to boil water. The pans fixation-worthy features include:
+ a beechwood spatula with integrated spoon rest
+ a stainless steel steamer basket for steamed veggies and beyond
+ a modular matching lid to let off and keep in steam
+ a new bamboo spruce steamer option

The design of Our Place’s Full Kitchen Collection cannot be overlooked either. Everything stacks effortlessly. The colored glass options make a delightful and unexpected addition to any kitchen and we can’t gush more passionately about these bowls and dishes. Both are finished with a speckled glaze and left unglazed at bottom. The resulting look is perfect for modern, everyday use.

Works Like a Champ | A simple sear can quickly turn into a bad burn when trying to nail the proper temperature. The Always Pan holds heat evenly, so you never actually have to a high temperature. Our most discerning home chefs have all approved of the Always Pan’s performance! Bonus: You only need about 1-2 tablespoons of oil or fat to get the job done. 

The Offer: There is simply no better way to express how much you love someone than through a home-cooked meal — especially now. With more time than ever to focus on the small things that matter, brands like Our Place want to bring families back to the dining room table for meaningful connection, prompting conversation, and — celebrating the foods our families love best.

Gift Our Place’s phenomenal Always Pan for just $95! Even better, grab the incredible Full Kitchen Collection (our number one gift pick for foodies this year!) which includes the pan with stackable plates, bowls and glasses — one of the most delightful packages we’ve ever opened here at TCM HQ! From your kid brother who is living alone for the first time ever to your foodie friend who likes everything just so, we can’t think of anyone this gift wouldn’t be the perfect 2020 fit for.

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