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Best In Season: 12 Kitchen Essentials For Tomato Lovers
Heirloom Tomato Perfume by Distillery General

One whiff of this seasonally inspired scent and we were hooked. This perfume makes us wonder why tomatoes aren't officially added into the "go-to" list of the perfumery, because it's truly divine. A blend of heirloom tomatoes and a Bulgarian rose mix with white grapefruit, amber, musk and myrrh, we promise you that no one will drum up thoughts of salads upon meeting you.

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The versatility of the tomato acts as our culinary muse, as we begin to ruminate about the endless ways in which to use this beautiful fruit. From simple Caprese salads and homemade pasta sauces to more decadent tarts and spicy jams, we could be eating tomatoes for days! The glorious season of fresh heirloom tomatoes nears its end and we’re getting in on it as much as we can. Thankfully, tomatoes are a hot item in the beauty world, making their way into scents, creams and masks which will last us into winter! Get your fill before the last fruit is picked…

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