Mushrooms are having a moment, and we’re not talking about the earthy little buttons we fold into our egg whites (though we love those too). Reishi is one of the most versatile medicinal mushrooms valued for its ability to help our minds and bodies adapt to a variety of stressors, and lately we’re adding it to everything, from power smoothies to pancakes!

Used in ancient medicine practices for centuries, consuming reishi can help bolster immunity, support the cultivation of calmness, wisdom, and longevity and to nourish ‘shen’ or spiritual energy. If you’re not on the reishi bandwagon yet, learn all about its incredible healing potential here, then check below for our picks for getting in on this wellness darling’s powers — at every price point…

High: Sun Potion Reishi
Pure, powdered reishi costs a pretty penny compared to other options on this list, but when we break it down to money spent on individual doses, this is definitely the move to make! Our favorite source for superherbs like this is Sun Potion, because we know we’re always getting the highest quality possible (and seeing the pretty gold-dressed packaging all over our countertops doesn’t hurt either). A jar of their reishi costs $49.99, but it tends to last for a while — and just think about all the homemade ways we could play with it! Soups, salad dressing, smoothies, raw truffles, puddings, potions…

Midpoint: Pressed Juicery Reishi Latte
Earlier this year, Pressed Juicery turned up the heat on their wellness game, adding adaptogenic lattes and other steamy sippables to menus in a few lucky locations (find them all here). Our favorite is the reishi latte, made with vanilla almond milk, fresh espresso and reishi mushroom extract. This immunity-boosting beverage will only set you back $4.50 a go.

Mushrooms in a snack bar? Sounds weird to some; to us, it’s the ideal thing to bite into on an office-bound afternoon — and at less than $2 a piece, we’ll definitely be doing plenty of that. Purely Elizabeth is launching a new line of gluten-free oat bars packed with superfood-mushrooms including our beloved reishi. Each bar is tailored to individual needs such as immunity, mental clarity, beauty boost, energy and chillness, and the recipes are crafted by Elizabeth herself –who in addition to being the natural food entrepreneur we love her for, is also a a holistic nutritionist and certified health coach — so we know these formulas are the real deal! The Wellness Bars are officially out this summer, but we’re giving away a box on Instagram this weekend!
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