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For most of us, regular appointments with a facialist are something of a luxury. But if we look at the expense as a long-term investment – as proactive, responsible “asset management” – (these are our faces we’re talking about, folks!) the value comes right into focus.

Whether our accountants are convinced or not, if you’re making the splurge (or wise investment, we argue) in professional skincare, might we suggest one of the following incredible, all-natural L.A. facialists? Office ambiance and tea selections aside, we all know what we’re looking for in an office visit: non-toxic techniques and outrageous results. We’ve found five facialists who fit the bill and turn up the glow to levels we never could attain on our own. All five practitioners practice natural skincare, most of them transcending that definition with holistic treatments that are just short of life-altering. RPK at Dr. Lancer takes digestion and hormones into consideration, while Teri Lawton keeps your chakras and nadis in mind. Find the best fit for you and book an appointment with one of these natural wonders to start your summer with a heightened glow…

Beverly Hills:  RamPrakash Khalsa (RPK) at Lancer Dermatology

The first thing you notice about RPK is that she glows like a baby. We’ve never seen skin quite like hers and, frankly, we’ll do just about anything she tells us to. Luckily, RPK’s instructions are often quite simple: hydrate, listen to your body, and employ time-tested holistic methods like washing the face with olive oil and a steamy towel (the best home facial ever!) RPK is one of Beverly Hills’ best kept secrets, practicing alongside Dr. Lancer inside his esteemed Rodeo Drive offices and transforming faces across the city with her holistic and life-changing oxygen facials.

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Venice Beach:  Kat Rudu at Kat Rudu Beauty

Kat Rudu recently launched her own namesake practice near Venice Beach complete with a line of organic, high-functioning skincare products. Famous for her signature organic treatments such as the “Jet Set Facial” that keeps babes like Kate Beckinsdale, Jenna Tatum and Eva Mendes glowing, Kat is in high demand. We can’t help but wonder if Kat’s own gorgeous mug is partly to blame for her blazing success – with her Kate Moss-meets-Brigitte Bardot looks, we always wonder hopefully if any of her Mossy-ness will rub off on us while we’re in her hands.

Studio City:  Marianne Kehoe at Marianne Kehoe Skin Studio

Marianne is another of our skincare secret weapons and the go-to derm for beauties like Liberty Ross and Agnes Deyn. Marianne is adamant about anti-inflammatory foods and skincare products, and a huge advocate for going gluten-free. After one of our editor’s visits for the IDERM Galvanic Facial she swore her skin hadn’t looked or felt as good since high school! This top treatment by Marianne thickens the skin, normalizes oil production and encourages deep exfoliation.

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Hollywood:  Terri Lawton at Terri Lawton Skincare + Age Management

A little reiki, some energy work, and – poof! – your pores disappear. An appointment with Terri Lawton is not your average skincare treatment. Terri has such a deep understanding of  holistic skin treatments, we hesitate to call it just skincare. Addressing chronic stress and habitual tension alongside the normal hydration and skin texture issues, Marianne is able to hone in on root issues behind skin issues and aging. We’ve actually had to sit the afternoon out after seeing Terri, so intense was the shift in our energy – something like a mild detox. Terri travels to see private clients around the world – her skills are that incredible. We’re so happy she’s based right here in West Hollywood for easy access…when we can get an appointment!

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Santa Monica:  Chanel Jenae at The Landmark ARCONA Studio

Chanel Janae was the only protégée to founder, Arcona Devan, and carries the secrets to all of Arcona’s European-based herbal and acupressure skincare techniques in her own sought-after hands. Chanel is one of a small handful of aetheticians practicing an effective acupressure facial that devotees – including a few A-List celebs we won’t name – swear by to take off the years. Arcona’s active and organic small-batch skincare products are the perfect staples for those looking to transition into the world of natural beauty without losing the effectiveness they’re used to from conventional brands.

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