A Sip of Enchantment: Elevate Your Wellness with This Blue Butterfly Rose Latte Recipe

Are you ready to experience a latte that’s as enchanting as it is rejuvenating?

Blue, the color of the sky and sea, grants us power, tranquility, and even a touch of magic. It symbolizes renewal, wisdom, and bliss, elevating our senses and lifting our spirits.But the magic doesn’t stop there. Infused with the calming benefits of rose powder, this latte not only opens the heart but also soothes the nervous system. Rose powder is known for its ability to promote emotional well-being and skin health, making it the perfect partner for our butterfly pea powder, which gives this drink its mesmerizing blue hue.

Here’s a delicious and visually stunning latte recipe to invigorate your senses and elevate your wellness routine. Get ready to sip your way to higher consciousness and bliss!



Steep butterfly pea powder in 2oz of hot water. Blend rose powder directly into your choice of milk. 1tsp makes it quite lovely in color already. Blend maple syrup or sweetener into it if desired. Pour into your favorite glass. Top glass with ice and then pour the blue butterfly pea gently to create a layered effect. That’s it!

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