In A New York Minute: Announcing NY Fashion Week’s Night Of Green Beauty

While we plan on enjoying every last moment of these sand-in-our-shorts, Watermelon-Mint-in-our-hands summer months, a part of us is already looking longingly toward the fall! With the autumn months come the the cozy boots, Spiced Almond Milk and, this year, our super-exciting green beauty event starring all of our favorite makeup and skincare brands!

Fashion Week in New York is one of the biggest beauty moments of the year. And this year, we’re taking the city by storm with a shopping event to include the best organic lipglosses and skin-nourishing superfruit oils out there. The city’s top beauty experts will be teaching fashion goers the ropes and the Pressed Juicery juices will be flowing! Here are a few details to tempt you. Stay tuned for much more as we watch for those first autumn leaves to fall…

Check out celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno’s Green Goddess Guide today for great beauty tips at home and on the go! We’ll be sharing Green Goddess Guides from all the beauty brands and experts involved in this September’s event from now until Fashion Week! It’s a beauty bonanza!

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