You feel it when you’re in love, when you’re goofing around with your gals, when get into a groove working towards something that matters… Tapping into that liberating energy of feeling like “yourself” is more about embracing quirks than correcting them, and doing things to feed our spirit – as silly as some may seem – can help build inner strength in the most profound and sustainable way.

We’re approaching the final stretch of our thirty-day Inner Strength Series, feeling powered up from three weeks of working our minds, bodies and hearts (follow the links for a refresher!). This round of challenges from master yogi and best selling author, Mandy Ingber, is meant to connect you with a sense of internal freedom by exploring the energy that makes you, you.

Dance, draw and de-digitalize your way to inner strength with seven days of challenges for your spirit. Share your experience or tell us what you think in the comments below!

Strength of the spirit means being able to hold space and get bigger than your outside circumstances. You’ve heard the saying that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. In yoga, they say you are not your thoughts, you are not your body, you are not your emotions. You are much greater than that. This week’s inner strength challenge for the spirit means expanding and transcending beyond the physical into that space where all is connected and all is as it should be.

Dance in your living room, in the aisles, at someone’s wedding, like nobody’s watching. Dance! Take five minutes to have a dance party at work or by yourself. Bonus points for moving just exactly the way you want to. Play your favorite tunes and let spirit move through you.

Tuesday: Write a poem or Make Art
Art and poetry are wonderful ways to express the mystery of what is sensed, yet not seen. There are some things we feel and experience that are not linear, that cannot be expressed through the mind. Paint a picture about how you feel or draw a picture of your heart. If you feel sad, put it down on paper in a poem about a lost child. You don’t have to be a trained artist or have a degree. The most beautiful art I have ever seen is created by children. Put your heart on paper today.

Wednesday: Connect with your Inner Mystic
Follow your intuition today and find some healing tools. Explore a modality that calls to you. Some ideas are flower essences or crystal healing. There are healing powers in flower essence remedies that transfer vibrational healing frequencies of the flower through the conductor of water. Connect with crystal healing. Try rose quartz for self-love or amethyst for connection to spirit. Crystal shepherd Ele Keats, at Ele Keats Jewelry on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, can help you find the right crystal – or trust yourself. Following your own inner authority is especially empowering. You will likely gravitate toward the exact right thing, Just keep your feelers feeling.

Thursday: Listen to a spiritual master download
When in need of perspective, surround yourself with the masters. I love to listen to an audio recording of Baba Ram Das or play the Guru Gita by Kumuda as I drift off to sleep. The words of Tich Naht Hahn or the humor of Osho put my worries and fears in their right place. I remember that I am not my circumstances, thoughts or feelings and that there is something much larger at play.

Friday: Schedule an astrology reading
When I was a girl, I started doing people’s charts out of a paperback book that my mom had. I really felt the need to understand those around me and make sense of it all. As I grew into adulthood, I continued to study astrology and became adept at reading charts. The astrological chart is a blueprint, a guide and map, that can help define exactly what you are here to fulfill. Understanding my chart has been a powerful tool for trusting that I am exactly as I was meant to be, and all that is occurring is exactly on time. Schedule a reading with me, or check out a few of my favorites: Astro.com, Mountain Astrologer, Chani Nicholas and Rick Levine.

Saturday: Get cranial sacral or reiki healing
The more subtle body work can feel like a spiritual hug. Cranial sacral work or reiki healing are both done fully clothed and are far more about allowing the body to unwind than correcting or fixing anything. Gary Strauss at Foundation for Life Energy is a deeply earthy and supportive force for healing in my life.

SUNDAY: Take a day to unplug
Give yourself a day of rest. Leave your phone in your car. Do not use the computer. Take the day off from all emails. Clean your closet.

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