How to glow? These babes know. Sakara Life founders Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle designed their luxe and clean meal delivery service to accommodate the busy nature of our day-to-day lives, and we’ve been obsessed with the program well before it touched down here in L.A. last year.

We’ve already gushed over their bee pollen and sweet potato bowl, and shared a drool-worthy recipe for rosemary beet chips with miso sauce, but to deepen our Sakara-education, these gorgeous gals walked us through a typical day in their lives, and what they do to stay healthy, balanced and glowing. This week is the final opportunity to get in on Sakara’s Eat Pretty Program, five days of super-hydrating, glow-boosting meals along with a curation of products for self-care and their daily Beauty Elixir. See just how closely the program matches the founders’ own routines below… 

True beauty comes from within. Cliché? Maybe, but it’s true: The kind of beauty that makes you feel like your best possible self (we’re talking confident, strong, powerful, inspired and prepared to turn all your amazing #thoughtstothings) starts on the molecular level… and that means it really starts with what you eat.

We’ve spent years creating a program that cleanses, nourishes and fuels the body so that you can radiate true beauty from the inside out. And we’ve learned that a diet filled with hydrating, colorful fresh produce, healthy fats and nutrient-dense superfoods is the best beauty secret of all.

That said, daily beauty rituals are important too – they’re an opportunity to slow down and show ourselves some well-deserved love. The key is taking as much care in selecting our beauty and skincare products as we do in choosing the food we put into our bodies.

7:30 AM

Danielle Duboise: Rise and shine… literally. The trace minerals in Sakara Beauty Water give my cells a deep, nourishing drink first thing. And hydrated cells = smooth, bright skin.

Whitney Tingle: Lemon water? Move over. My personal beauty elixir contains antioxidant-rich hibiscus tea, camu camu for collagen-supporting Vit C, adaptogenic schizandra berry and MSM to strengthen my hair and nails.

9:00 AM

DANIELLE: Before email—yes, really—I get clear on my intentions for the day with a 20-minute meditation. Repeat: I am beautiful exactly as I am right now. Follow that with 15 minutes of oil pulling (I use coconut oil) and I’ve successfully wiped the slate clean for a new day.

WHITNEY: Sweat it out in a quick-paced vinyasa class to get the blood flowing…second only to eating greens as the best way to get a glow.

11:00 AM

DANIELLE: A cup of coffee blended up with some ghee powers me through the morning and provides omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for healthy skin and shiny hair.

WHITNEY: Raid the cabinets at Sakara HQ for some superherbs to add to my tea. Sun Potion’s Ashwagandha is one of my favorites! It helps the body cope with stress… and less stress = clearer skin.

2:00 PM

DANIELLE: Time to get my greens… a.k.a. my #1 beauty secret. If you want to load up on antioxidants, minerals and fiber to feed your microbiome (and trust me…you do), there’s nothing better than those essential four to six cups a day!

WHITNEY: Lunchtime! Packed with antioxidant-rich beets, hydrating cucumber and a medley of nutrient-dense seeds, our appropriately named Youth + Beauty salad is pretty much the perfect meal.

4:30 PM

DANIELLE: A Beauty Bar from our Clean Boutique satisfies my afternoon snack craving and gives my hair and nails a boost with the addition of MSM, a beautifying mineral.

8:00 PM

WHITNEY: Set the mood for the nightly wind-down with the Le Labo Santal 33 candle. My fiancé dedicated to me (it’s got my name on the label!).

9:00 PM

DANIELLE: Dry brushing exfoliates my skin so I’m smooth from head to toe. It also stimulates my lymphatic system to help my body release toxins. To be followed by tub filled with Pursoma’s cleansing, hydrating Resurrection Bath.

WHITNEY: Just like food, the best skincare products are clean, simple and pure. My nighttime routine includes Jiva Apoha’s gentle, soothing and nourishing facial oils.

10:00 PM

DANIELLE: The perfect nightcap? Sakara probiotic chocolate. Cell-protecting antioxidants, microbiome-loving active cultures and dessert all in one tasty bite. Sweet dreams!

WHITNEY: Sakara Night Water takes beauty rest to the next level with chlorella, which floods my body with oxygen and helps it cleanse and heal while I sleep. Pro tip: It’s essential after a few glasses of wine. Sweet dreams!

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