Creative Juice: The Fashion Illustrator Behind Igor + Andre

Danny Roberts has garnered a reputation as one of the top and most distinctive fashion illustrators in the biz—every fashion follower is surely well-versed in his portraits of models from the pages of glamorous glossies, designers and A-list bloggers. And while he’s always been drawn to beautiful image, people and clothes, it’s his take on what keeps his creative juices flowing that really piqued our interest. So, we asked this ingenious illustrator to paint a picture of what it’s like to be the force behind Igor + Andre!

The Chalkboard: When did you first realize that you loved to draw/paint?
Danny Roberts: “My first class at Fashion Design School was a figure drawing class. I worked really hard on improving my drawing skills. I think it was halfway through the class, I started to get the hang of drawing and started to improve. From there, it became one of my favorite pastimes!”

TC: Were you creative as a child?
DR: “Yes, which meant I created a lot of messes!”

TC: Favorite piece of your own?
DR: “Yikes, that’s a hard one. I would say for the most part, my favorite piece is whatever one I am working on at the time.”

TC: Favorite piece of someone else’s?
DR: “I don’t know the name of the piece, but it’s by painter Joe Sorren and it’s of a boy and girl in the forest and the girl is typing on a typewriter. Every time I see it I wish I could step inside it and live there. It’s really wonderful.”

TC: What artists are you following right now?
DR: “Hm… Joe Sorren, Kelly Smith and Bec Winnel.”

TC: Most unexpected inspiration?
DR: “The morning I found out Alexandre McQueen was dead. I was sad and inspired to paint a tribute portrait. I think that was the most unexpected inspired piece I’ve done.”

TC: Favorite blogs?
DR:”Fashion Squad, Miss Pandora, The Cherry Blossom Girl.”

TC: What is key to keeping your creative juices flowing every day?
DR:”I have a massive inspiration library on my computer with about 150,000 images, and I’m constantly listening to music, but other than that, daydreaming works wonders.”

TC: Favorite way to take a break from your art?

TC: What inspires your work the most?
DR: “Beauty, sincerity and love.”

TC: Favorite subject (person)?
DR: “Oh, wow, that might be to hard to say. I really enjoy painting Mona Johannesson, Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Ali Michael and Tanya Dziahileva.”

TC: Favorite sitting?
DR: “I have never done one, but I would like to.”

TC: Person you’d love to do a portrait of?
DR: “Yikes! That is a tough one, too… maybe Mona Johannesson.”



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