We’re not quite sure how an ugly, ancient orange root became the ultimate food trend last year, but it did. We love to use turmeric root for fresh juice recipes, to add powdered turmeric to hummus and avocado toast, and let’s not forget the beloved golden latte – but eventually, another superfood will come into fashion and we may find ourselves substituting that shaker of orange goodness for a sprinkle of, say, dried oregano (also power-packed!) or bee pollen.

In anticipation of the eventual wane in enthusiasm that follows most trends, we’re keen on showing you the easiest ways to keep your root-loving ways alive and strong! To keep the benefits of turmeric infused into our diets in a meaningful way (the anti-inflammatory benefits can’t be overestimated!), we suggest this simple tip from within one of the strangest books to come across our desks all year: How Not To Die.

Inside this giant guide, Dr. Michael Greger lays out everything we could possibly need to know about living a “preventative” lifestyle and, sure enough, Dr. Greger is a huge proponent of turmeric.

Although How Not To Die is like the Bible of preventative medical advice, the most important piece of information we took away from this guide was tiny: freeze your turmeric.

Fresh turmeric root is surprisingly easy to find in most produce sections these days and is a potent form of the superfood. But to keep the weird roots knocking around in the fridge just doesn’t make sense unless we’re juicing them right away. The solution is to keep fresh turmeric around day-to-day by freezing it – SO simple, but revolutionary for turmeric devotees. Freeze it, then grate the fresh orange fluff over almost anything you’re eating – from salad to grain bowls. The flavor of fresh turmeric is much more light, sweet and subtle than its dried counterpart so you’ll never get sick of the taste. In other words: trend-proof!

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