8 Staples For the Holiday Medicine Cabinet

Charcoal does double duty soothing tummies and brightening our smiles.

as much as we may try to keep our daily health routines on point this time of year, catching one of those winter bugs going around is sometimes inevitable – even for health nerds like us. The holidays are a notoriously stressful time of year and, along with the colder weather, the season creates the perfect storm for our otherwise strong-as-steel immunity. Rather than reach for a quick fix filled with who-knows-what, we recommend stocking up on these natural staples to combat whatever you’ve got!

We’ve gathered a list of all the stay-healthy staples we rely on this time of year to remedy colds, flus, hangovers, and tummy troubles. Re-stock your medicine cabinet before extended family arrives or throw these remedies into your travel bag. From oregano oil to herbal bitters, these products can absolutely be relied upon in a fix…

8 essentials for the winter medicine cabinet:

activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a carbon-rich material and natural binding agent derived from peat, coal, wood and coconut shells. Charcoal effectively binds to toxins in the stomach and intestines, which are then safely excreted  through the bowels. When it comes to all our tummy troubles associated with detoxing and food poisoning – from indigestion to diarrhea, gas and bloating – activated charcoal is our go-to! 


Oil of Oregano

If you’ve been keeping up with TCM lately, you are no stranger to oil of oregano’s long list of benefits. This extract could easily take the place of dozens of remedies! Oil of oregano is full of antioxidants,  is a potent immunity booster and helps to reduce cellular damage. It’s been used to ward off colds, flus and infections, to relieve internal and external pain, reduce allergy symptoms, kill yeasts and fungus and remedy other skin complaints. If you pick only one thing from our list, this should be it. 


Digestive Bitters

This retro cocktail ingredient actually serves an important purpose in our wellness cabinets and daily health routines. These bitter greens and roots are distilled in an alcohol base and used as a tonic for improving and soothing digestion. Take before or after meals to reduce heartburn, stomach aches, bloating, or reduce headaches and hangovers. After an especially wild night of partying, digestive bitters are just what the doctor ordered. 


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary in our diets, aiding in the growth and repair of tissues, and is a key antioxidant in preventing damage to our organs and glands caused by toxins. It’s also a key supplement to improve our immunity, allergies, and even bleeding gums. You may already take this vitamin daily, but quality of this supplement is just as important for effectiveness! For a list of natural plant sources, read more here



Despite needing this mineral to live, it is estimated that 60% of us don’t get enough of it. It is absolutely essential for every cell in our bodies, from regulating our heartbeats and healthy bones, to healthy function of our nerves and muscles, and promoting relaxation and good rest. Take magnesium daily to ease muscle cramps, ease tension and anxiety and promote sleep.  



Immunity begins in the gut, so it is essential that we fuel ourselves with foods that nourish and cultivate healthy and strong gut ecology. Again, quality is very important when it comes to sourcing a good probiotic. Take daily or therapeutically for stomach complaints, mood and maintaining strong immunity. 


Arnica Montana

This natural homeopathic remedy has been used for centuries and is an absolute must for all those muscle aches, pains, swelling, inflammation and bruising. 


Elderberry Syrup

This berry is a tried and true Native American remedy most commonly used to help treat respiratory conditions. Elderberries contain high levels of antioxidants and quercetin, which are especially helpful at fighting viruses and allergies. Use regularly for immune support or therapeutically to treat colds, flus, as an expectorant and to soothe a sore throat. 


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