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Mixed feelings, mixed berries: the definition of spring gatherings in 2021? We’re feeling cautiously optimistic about all the warm and flowery, familiar spring holidays after a year of complete weirdness.

In celebration of that mood, here are ten healthful and delicious berry-based desserts for Easter weekend and beyond.

Looking for something different? Hunt the site for gf carrot cake with fluffy frosting and a no-bake chocolate tart!

Our 8 Favorite Healthy Berry Desserts of All Time

Grain-Free Summer Berry Cobbler With Hazelnut Crumble Bring on the springy comfort foods. Top of the list is this cobbler with melty berries, hazelnuts, and a bit of whipped coconut cream.

Strawberry Dream Tart (shown below) We’re in love with everything Pamela Salzman makes — this sweet strawberry pie is no exception.

Paleo Raspberry Crumb Bars No one doesn’t like berry crumbs bars. Make ’em paleo and you’ll be winning healthy friends by the handful.

Berry Cashew Cream Tarts With Raw Almond Crust Honestly, if you’ve never tried a raw dessert that is cashew or coconut-based you’re missing out — period. Little Mueslings’ tarts are the perfect way to get involved.

Chocolate Beet Cake with Pomegranates Okay, technically pomegranates are not berries — but they almost count. We’re still in love with Botanica’s pom-adorned cake recipe for all the spring flings.

 An Incredibly Easy Wild Blueberry Tart One of our favorite foodies brought us this recipe straight from the land of blueberries (read the article). A simple recipe like this is easy to memorize and pass down to all the kids in the fam.

Mint Chamomile Berry Bowl (shown above) It doesn’t get any simpler — or prettier. Too hot to bake already? A bowl of gorgeous berries can do the trick with just a few additions.

Gluten-Free Blueberry Loaf Cake With Coconut Yogurt Frosting Yep, coconut yogurt frosting. Prepare to be hooked.

blueberry loaf

Strawberry Nice Cream + Chocolate Quinoa Bircher Green Kitchen Stories’  recipes never fail and this chilly little number is the ultimate strawberry treat!

Gluten-Free Orange Blackberry Almond Scones Dr. Hyman’s personal recipe for cozy, gluten-free mornings at home.

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