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Our Top 6 Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Juice Cleanse
Restorative Yoga

While hard-core workouts are best to leave til after your cleanse is over, a light yoga class during your cleanse can be deeply therapeutic and great for increasing the effects of your cleanse, just like massage. Restorative yoga classes make great choices and many yoga studios offer them. Unlike most other yoga classes, restorative yoga focuses on deep relaxation, lots of stretching and plenty of opportunity for meditation. Give your body a break from the gym and indulge in one of these immune-boosting, chill-inducing classes.

There are amazing yoga classes available across the nation. Too many to choose! But follow the link for one of our LA favorites.



Our Top 6 Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Juice Cleanse

You might be wondering why we’d recommend adding anything to your schedule during a juice cleanse, but the truth is, although a cleanse seems like a lot to handle amidst your busy schedule, you might just find that you have a little extra time on your hands! With no food prep or food shopping to take care of and no sit-down dinners or lunch dates to pencil in you may just find you have the time to fit in one or more of our highly recommended – and highly enjoyable! – activities to supplement your cleanse.

As with all of our advice regarding detoxification, please consult your health practitioner before engaging in any detox activities.

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