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Oh, resolutions. Yada, yada, yada. Blah, blah, blah. From year to year, our interest in New Year’s resolutions swings from one extreme to another. One year, we’re overcome with child-like enthusiasm for crafting hyper-intentional goals and benchmarks, another year, it’s cool girl indifference to the tradition – and then we secretly set goals in March (so subversive.) Whatever your thoughts on the matter – whether you’ve spent a frenzied half-day in your journal already or this is the first time you’re thinking about this at all – we humbly offer our thoughts on the matter for 2015. Here are a few ideas inspiring us into 2015…

Live well. It’s our motto, but you’re welcome to borrow it.

TCM is “A Guide To Living Well.” Getting healthy and going green involve their fair share of discipline, but we don’t believe that wellness has to be boring. Our definition of “living well” is to live healthfully and consciously with a big dose of style and attitude.  Commit to your juice cleanse, but pour those greens in a wine glass at night. Hit the gym, but do it in clothes you feel amazing in. Eat more veggies, but in hotspots like these.

Give yourself permission.
Are you interested in doing a juice cleanse but think to yourself “I’m not that kind of girl?” Who says? Are you ready to write that book, take that journey, or start that business, but subconsciously waiting for someone to give you permission? What are you waiting for? It could be that you’re waiting for permission that you just don’t need. Go ahead – be amazing. You already know you can write/dress to kill/be an awe-inspiring yogi. Go ahead. Set yourself free to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do, but weren’t sure you were “allowed” to…even if it’s just a new hair color.

give it up.
When it comes to giving, whether it be your money or your time or talent, “finding the easiest thing to do” is not always the best advice. But stick with us here. What is easy for you? What activities bring you joy that not everyone else shares? Find a way to re-purpose that joy in a way that benefits your community. Do you have an over-abundance of compassionate energy? Stop annoying your co-workers. Link up with an over-worked charitable team that needs fresh energy. Do you love styling your friend’s homes or wardrobes?  Find someone in your community who could really use that extra TLC and put all that bossiness to good use – we know it comes from a good place.

Go global, just know when to come home.
The world is torrid with change. Stay informed, do your homework, be aware of what’s happening on our planet and your role in things. But know when to insulate. Know when your heart has had enough and your brain is tired. Come home each day. Whether literally or figuratively. Find some time to incubate your own ideas and nourish your own life.

Fall forward.
Broke your cleanse? Okay. But, OMG, you did a cleanse!  Yelled at your most beloved friend? Let’s not pretend it’s the first or last time. When you inevitably trip up this year, fall – but fall forward. Breathe, regroup, ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself, and MOVE ON. You’re only human – and half of the good stuff in life happens when we recover from our mistakes. Don’t label yourself based on your worst behavior. Try again, you’ll get the hang of it.

get dense.
As far as eating well goes, there are a lot of rules and a lot of ideas out there. Plenty of folks get overwhelmed by the whole thing and just give up. One concept we love that makes the whole idea of eating well super-easy is nutrient density. Just eat foods that are nutrient-dense and you’ll find it hard to get off-track. Read all about it from Dr. Fuhrman, one of our favorite TCM Guest Editors.

no shame in the happy.
Whatever turns you on, get more of it – no matter how lame. Do you get really excited about a semi-lame pop song you won’t admit to? Break it down! Is there a specific kitchen tool you love to use even though it’s totally unnecessary or redundant? Who cares! Do you secretly love ridiculous nail art despite your uber-chic work wardrobe? Go for it and blame it on your nieces. Cool is good, happy is better. There’s no shame in a little happiness. Let everyone else have their lame little turn-ons too.

strengthen your core…recipes
We learned this one from our friends at the Clean Program. Most people have a handful of default recipes they make over and over again throughout their lives. What are yours? If you don’t have any, make it your mission to find some that you love that are good for you. If you already have core recipes you rely on, reevaluate them. Do you actually like them and are they good for you or are they just tired habits that need a refresh? Is there anything you can do to improve upon them? Do it. And while you’re at it, take a fresh look at the way you serve them up. Add a little dose of special to everything you serve, even if you’re eating alone.

These are just seven small ideas inspiring us into the new year, but we hope to keep you fueled up and inspired all year long. Whether it’s an aspirational look at how some of our favorite tastemakers stay in good health or a wellness tip that’s easy and instant to apply. Come along with us for another year of living well and let us know what’s inspiring you into 2015…

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