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Turmeric is everywhere these days — and not just because you forgot to wash your hands after cooking with it. This powerful root is a superfood in every sense and the mainstream is finally catching on.

Curcumin in the main substance found in turmeric that can be credited for its health benefits, and is known to be one of nature’s best anti-inflammatory additions to any diet. Inflammation might not make or break your health alone, but it can be extremely harmful when it becomes chronic and long-term. Making seemingly-small efforts on a frequent basis to reduce inflammation in our bodies can have a major impact on how well we feel now and later down the line.

Taking turmeric regularly — whether that’s in food, juice or supplement form — can have a majorly positive impact on your overall health. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get more of the good stuff daily…

How To Use Turmeric root

The Root | Incorporating raw turmeric root into your daily diet is the most straightforward way to get your turmeric fix. Keep a root in the freezer (this trick works for ginger too!) and use a citrus grater to sprinkle fresh turmeric over literally everything. READ MORE

How To Use Turmeric golden milk latte powderTurmeric hot chocolate | On cold, cozy days there’s nothing we love more than to whip up a warm drink with Goldyn Glow Turmeric with Cacao Powder. This cacao powder blend with turmeric is addictive AF. We enjoy it on its own with a bit of nut milk or blended up with some espresso for a super-charged superfood latte. CHECK OUT

How To Use Turmeric capsules
Turmeric Supplement | Not into the taste or teeth-staining qualities or raw or powdered turmeric? We love these liquid capsules from Gaia. Each one contains over 400mg of turmeric and can be used daily for reducing inflammation throughout the body. CHECK OUT 

How To Use Turmeric golden milk recipegolden milk | Golden Milk is a traditional healing drink that’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. The combination of turmeric, ginger, and pepper helps slice through inflammation and bloating while getting us to feel more calm and centered. Learn how to make it yourself with a simple recipe like this one: READ MORE
How To Use Turmeric loaded sweet potatoTurmeric Coconut Sauce | Not to be dramatic, but this turmeric coconut sauce from UK food blogger/empress, Delicious Ella, is truly to-die-for. Cashew and coconut makes this versatile turmeric sauce thick and creamy. Drizzle it over a sweet potato like Ella or on top of literally anything else.  READ MORE
How To Use Turmeric hummus in collard green wrapTurmeric Hummus |  These babies are filled with turmeric hummus (!), layers of fresh veggies, and healthy fats – need we say more? Make the turmeric hummus alone or as this full wrap. READ MORE

How To Use Turmeric jamu recipe

Jamu | Want to get serious with your turmeric intake? Jamu is a traditional Indonesian herbal drink that’s said to promote inner and outer health and beauty — and we believe it; the ingredients just don’t lie. The simple recipe, which includes turmeric and ginger root, honey and sometimes tamarind, has some major health benefits, earning itself a local reputation as a ‘cure-all’ elixir.  READ MORE

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