These 7 Face + Body Mists Will Balance Out Your Summer Skin

What’s The easiest way to keep skin smooth and bright throughout the day? Find a mist you love and then make spritzing a habit. There are a slew of face and body mists on the market these days, one for every skin type – whether thirsty, troubled or delicate. Facial spritzers are mandatory here at HQ and we’ve tried them all. Here are our recent favorites…

Allies of Skin Mist | Our EIC is swimming in the stuff this month! The alcohol-free liquid booster is supercharged by an anti-evaporation formula that clings to skin cells toreduce the effects of jet-lag, stress, redness and breakouts. It refines pores, hydrates skin almost as well as a light moisturizer and provides antibacterial protection. CHECK OUT

Mother Dirt Moisturizer and AO+ Mist | This unique mist is actually rich in probiotics. A biome-protecting formula perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Check out all of Mother Dirt’s probiotic skincare staples, we’re loving all of them. CHECK OUT

Nucifera the Mist This soothing, moisturizing and deodorizing mist is great for the face, hair, body, and even your bedding or gym bag. It’s loaded with nourishing botanical ingredients like rose, aloe, witch hazel, lavender, sandalwood, patchouli and palo santo. Perfect for soothing post-sun skin. CHECK OUT
May Lindstrom Jasmine Mist The insane scent of this face mist is reason enough to splurge on a bottle, but if you need another, its formula provides major antioxidant protection. A spritz in the morning and evening offers a delicious grounding moment and glow-inducing hydration. CHECK OUT
beautycounter charcoal mist Made with charcoal powder and kaolin clay, this detoxifying mist absorbs excess oil, refines skin texture, and reduces redness. Spray it on before your face moisturizer or on top of makeup to help it set. Spritz throughout the day to keep skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. CHECK OUT

CV Skinlabs mist | This water-thin spray is the lazy girl’s lotion — ideal for a quick post-shower spritz. It dries quickly and leaves skin soft, smooth, hydrated and calm.  CHECK OUT
marie veronique probiotic mist  Just as we need to help our guts’ microbiome, we need to do the same for our largest organ — our skin. Pre-biotics feed probiotics to keep skin’s ecosystem functioning smoothly. This formula contains coconut water to hydrate and soothe .thristy skin. CHECK OUT 
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