Hide + Seek: 6 Ways to Beat The Health Issue No One’s Talking About

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. We go to war when our skin breaks out, we fine-tune our workouts when we hit a plateau…but how about those internal problems we don’t even know exist? Holistic health pro Elissa Goodman has given us sage advice on everything from oral health and toxic buildup to how stress makes us sick. Here, Goodman is giving us the lowdown on a health hazard too few of us know about – plus six healing solutions to nix it for good…

We all have parasites that steal from the food we eat and the supplements we take. Parasites limit your body’s opportunity to absorb nutrients, which makes you feel lethargic and puts your immune system at risk. Parasites invade the lining of our intestines and their waste materials leave a trail of toxins in our gut. This toxic run-off creates inflammation that leads to extensive tissue damage and disease. Parasites interfere with digestion, mood, blood sugar and hormone levels, all of which contribute to more serious problems, like cancer, if left untreated.

6 HEALING SOLUTIONS for intestinal parasites:

Eat A Clean Diet…

…that eliminates sugar, simple carbohydrates, excess proteins and unhealthy fats to starve parasites.

Increase Your Oxygen Intake...

…because parasites and fungi don’t tend to like oxygen. Daily meditation, exercise, yoga and deep breathing exercises are simple ways to increase your oxygen intake and create a difficult environment for parasites to live in.

Do An Anti-Inflammatory Cleanse...

…like my 21-Day Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Life at home, a DIY food and juice program.

Use Natural Supplements...

…like grapefruit seed extract, echinacea, turmeric, garlic, pumpkin seed oil and black walnut to kill parasites.

Increase Your Fiber Intake...

…with fiber rich foods like flax seed, chia, berries, almonds green beans, cauliflower, peas, root veggies, broccoli, brussels sprouts or psyllium husk powder. They are effective at removing waste matter from the intestines and in supporting regular, proper bowel movements.

Try A Colonic...

…because it supports the body’s immune system by helping to flush out parasites. Colonics have been used for centuries and can be dated back as far as the 14th century BC.

Additional Source for treating parasites: Dr. Raphael d’Angelo – The Wellness Research Program.

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